ENNBOM Portable and Lightweight Djembe Hand Drum for Beginners


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Experience the joy of African drumming with the ENNBOM djembe, a lightweight and portable hand drum perfect for drum circles, lessons, travel, and jam sessions. This innovative djembe combines traditional looks and sound with a lightweight, easy to carry modern design.

Authentic Djembe Design in a Convenient, Portable Form

Handcrafted with synthetic materials, this drum delivers the same acoustic properties as a traditional hardwood djembe in a much more portable form. The specially engineered shell resonates with rich, deep tone akin to a natural skin djembe.

The traditional djembe shape allows authentic playing technique and ergonomic comfort. The durable synthetic shell won’t crack or warp. At just 3.3 pounds, this ultra lightweight djembe is easy to transport and use anywhere.

Vibrant, Traditional African Style Decor

This modern djembe features a beautifully decorated resonator with a colorful geometric pattern on an indigo background. The stylized fabric cover celebrates traditional West African aesthetics for a striking, eye-catching accent.

The decorations give each drum a unique look. Please note the pattern placement may vary slightly from images shown. The fabric coating enhances the drum’s sound projection and protects the shell.

Easy to Tune with Durable Nylon Rope

Tuning this djembe is simple with the adjustable nylon rope that circles the shell. The high-strength climbing rope is more durable than traditional rawhide lacings. Just slide the stopper up and down to find your desired tone.

The rope won’t loosen or detune like natural hide lacings can. It stays put even during active playing for consistent tone. The synthetic head can be tightened or loosened to your tuning preference.

Designed for Beginning and Casual Players

With its lightweight feel and traditional grip shape, this drum is ideal for beginners learning hand drumming. The 10 inch size is a good starter djembe for younger players or smaller musicians who need a comfortable, easy to hold drum.

The djembe projects plenty of volume for drum circles and jam sessions yet has a forgiving response perfect for casual playing. Its portable design makes it a great travel or camp drum too.

Weather Resistant and Easy to Maintain

The ENNBOM djembe is built to last. The synthetic shell withstands changes in temperature or humidity that can damage wood shells. No need to worry about cracks, chips, or warping.

The pre-tuned head retains consistent tension so you always get optimal rebound and tone. Simply wipe the drum down to keep it looking great. Take this djembe anywhere without damage concerns.

Develop Rhythm and Bond with Others

Learning the djembe is a fun way to engage rhythmic and motor regions of the brain. The drum’s dynamic range lets players explore dynamics and syncopation. You’ll also enjoy stronger social bonds and camaraderie when drumming together.

The djembe is a perfect interactive parent-child activity. Or use it to form a drum circle with friends to experience the universal language of percussion.

Order Now and Start Drumming

Elevate your music making and rhythm skills with this portable djembe from ENNBOM. Easy to play, maintain, and transport, it’s ideal for casual enjoyment or learning the foundations of West African drumming. Order the ENNBOM djembe now to add inspiring percussion to your life.


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