Elevate Your Music with the BUZHI Acoustic Guitar Pickup


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Experience your acoustic folk or classic guitar in a whole new way with the BUZHI pickup system. This innovative double pickup design combines a piezo transducer with a microphone to capture the true natural sound of your instrument.

The piezo pickup senses the vibration of the guitar body, reproducing the bright, resonant tones of the strings. The microphone pickup captures the rich, warm overtones emanating from the soundhole. Blend the two signals together to achieve the perfect acoustic guitar sound for any venue or recording situation.

Control your tone with dedicated knobs for microphone volume, guitar volume, and tone. Sculpt your ideal sound right from your guitar, with the ability to add bright punch or smooth, woody warmth. The 6.35mm endpin jack allows you to plug directly into amplifiers, PA systems, or recording interfaces.

Installation is quick and easy with included adhesive – simply attach the undersaddle piezo and internal microphone, then connect the wires to the preamp control box. Minimal modifications are required, so your guitar’s structure and voice are preserved.

Take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level with the BUZHI pickup system. Whether you’re performing live or recording albums, this pickup captures every nuance of your guitar’s unique voice. Unplug that old passive pickup and hear your acoustic come alive!


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