Elevate Your Audio Equipment with Premium Aluminum Control Knobs


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Capture the look and feel of high-end audio gear with these premium CNC machined aluminum control knobs. Designed to fit 1/4″ potentiometer shafts on amplifiers, preamps, pedals, and more, these knobs add stylish control to your audio equipment.

The sleek silver aluminum construction provides durability along with a clean, professional aesthetic. Each knob measures 1-3/16″ in diameter and stands 43/64″ tall to give you plenty of surface area for getting a solid grip on adjustments.

An indicator line allows you to mark positions or visually track changes. Plus, the knurled outer edge gives added grip and visual interest.

The knobs easily attach to your gear’s potentiometer shafts thanks to a convenient set screw. Simply loosen the set screw, slide the knob into place, and tighten it down to lock your knob securely in position. An included Allen wrench makes installation quick and easy.

Whether replacing knobs on an old amplifier or outfitting a new DIY build, these aluminum control knobs check all the boxes:

  • Durable Construction – Precision CNC machined from solid aluminum for lasting performance. Far more robust than plastic alternatives.
  • Premium Look and Feel – Sleek and stylish aesthetic brings high-end appeal. Smooth aluminum feels substantial in your hand.
  • Universal Fit – Designed for 1/4″ shafts on potentiometers. Ideal for amplifiers, preamps, pedals, and other audio equipment.
  • Secure Attachment – Set screw allows quick installation and keeps knobs locked tightly in position.
  • Indicator Line – Provides a reference and allows marking positions.
  • Textured Grip – Knurled sides give enhanced grip and bold visual flair.

Whether you’re replacing knobs on an aging piece of gear or outfitting a new DIY project, these aluminum knobs add high-end style and functionality. The CNC machined aluminum construction brings serious substance that plastic knobs can’t match.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the convenient set screw. An included Allen wrench allows quick adjustment. Simply loosen the set screw, slide the knob into position on your 1/4″ shaft, then tighten it down to lock the knob securely in place.

The knurled texture not only looks great, but provides added grip and control so you can easily make fine adjustments. An indicator line lets you mark positions for quick reference.

Overall dimensions measure 1-3/16″ in diameter by 43/64″ tall to provide a sizable gripping surface. The smooth aluminum exterior looks fantastic on any audio project.

Whether you need to replace worn knobs on a vintage amp or add the finishing touch to a new preamp build, these aluminum control knobs deliver. Durable aluminum construction and high-end aesthetics take your equipment up a notch.

Order a set today and give your audio projects the control they deserve!


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