EBXYA 10-Pack 25ft XLR Cables – Versatile Pro Audio Patch Cords for Studio, Stage, and Installs


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Get your audio setup fully stocked with premium-quality XLR cables using the EBXYA Professional 10-Pack. With handy 25ft lengths and vivid color-coding, these durable male to female patch cords effortlessly connect mics, speakers, mixers, instruments and more.

Perfect for studios, stages, churches, conference centers, and installed AV systems, this versatile set equips you with all the balanced XLR cabling needed to wire up an entire audio rig. No more coming up short when cabling your gear.

Stable, Interference-Free Signal Transfer

EBXYA’s 3-pin XLR cables use premium components to preserve your pristine audio signal across the full frequency spectrum without coloration or loss.

The oxygen-free copper conductors with foil and braided shielding stop electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. The result is balanced stereo or mono signal transfer free of buzz, hum and distortion.

Whether you’re running long mic lines or connecting equipment racks on stage, these cables maintain a transparent, accurate listening experience.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Built to stand up to daily abuse, the EBXYA XLR3 cables boast a tough, thick PE outer jacket that’s easy to clean after coiling and uncoiling. They hold their shape without kinking or twisting.

The rugged metal connectors offer superior strain relief and corrosion resistance compared to plastic versions. They snap in tight and withstand rugged handling without cutting out.

With color-coded PVC jacketing on each cable, you can quickly track connections and avoid mix-ups on hectic stage changes or studio sessions.

Universal Compatibility

The EBXYA 25 foot male to female patch cables work seamlessly with all your balanced XLR devices:

– Microphones
– Powered Mixers
– Powered Speakers
– Audio Interfaces
– Signal Processors
– Instrument Amps
– Stage Snake Systems
– Recording Equipment
– Public Address Systems
– Lighting Consoles

Plus the long 25 foot length allows running lines through a venue or studio with plenty of slack. No more pulling cables taut risking disconnected feeds.

Vivid Color Coding

Tracking and tracing cables is easy with EBXYA’s vivid color-coded XLR3 cable ends and jacketing:

– Red Orange
– Yellow
– Green
– Blue
– Purple
– Black
– White
– Brown
– Pink
– Grey

Now you can instantly identify the right cable needed on stage or in the studio, avoiding mistakes that lead to dead sound and interrupted performances.

Get Wired Up Fast

With 10 different bright shades, you can color code mics to channels, instruments to amps, and link all your equipment with orderly connection logic.

Gone are the days of taking apart a tangled mess of black cables after a session!

Whether running long snake lines or linking devices in a rack, this handy assortment eliminates wasted time tracing and untangling wires.

Patched and connected fast, you can focus on perfecting your sound.

Built Tough for Repeated Use

Touring bands, production companies, venues, and working studios require cables that withstand show after show without failure.

The EBXYA Professional 10-Pack is engineered with rugged metal ends, dense shielding, and a thick outer jacket that thrives through dedicated use.

Take them on stage, to events and gigs without concern. These XLR3 workhorse cables are made to be coiled, stuffed into bags, and deployed repeatedly for years.

Lifetime Guaranteed Performance

EBXYA stands behind every XLR3 cable set with a customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

That’s because we use only premium components and meticulous construction methods to create cables that deliver pristine balanced sound show after show.

You get hassle-free performance night after night. No buzz, no hum, no interference. Just flawless balanced connections.

Be prepared for any audio need with the EBXYA Professional 10-Pack. Order now to get your audio rig fully wired up with quality XLR3 patch cords built to last.


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