Dopro 10-Pack Mini Chicken Head Knobs for Guitar Amps, Pedals & More


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Add vintage vibe to your guitar effects and amps with this 10-pack of classic chicken head knobs from Dopro. The miniature cream knobs feature the iconic shape that looks great on pedals, combos, heads and racks. Just press these knobs onto any standard 1/4″ split shaft pot for cool customizable control.

Retro Style Meets Modern Utility

Guitarists love the retro look and utility of chicken head knobs on amps and pedals. Originating on antique radio equipment, these knobs got their name from resemblance to a chicken’s head. The unique shape stands out on any rig while providing great grip for tweaking settings.

Dopro chicken head knobs capture the vintage appeal in a compact 1″ size that works on modern effects pedals. The smooth cream finish looks great on old and new guitars alike with a classic cream and black color scheme. Whether you’re modding vintage gear or personalizing new equipment, these mini knobs add personality.

Premium Plastic Construction

Each knob is constructed from durable plastic to maintain the integrity of the iconic shape. The ribbed grip around the base and head provides a textured surface for getting a hold of each knob. This ensures you can make fine adjustments on the fly while performing.

The underside has a split collar design that securely presses onto any 1/4″ split shaft pot. Just line up the set screw gap with the pot’s split, push down and twist to lock each knob in place. The grippy base keeps the knobs from slipping during gigs.

Compatible With Amps, Pedals, Racks and More

Dopro’s mini chicken head knobs work with a wide range of guitar equipment. Use them to replace the knobs on any standard guitar effects pedals for more vibe. They also fit the control pots on vintage Fender amps and other guitar combos.

Mod your rack effects and preamps with these unique knobs to make settings easier to access. You can even customize audio mixers, recorders and other studio gear. Their small footprint installs easily without getting in the way.

Pedalboard users can install the knobs as markers to identify specific effects. Use them to replace worn knobs on prized vintage gear or upgrade the look of new equipment. Whatever you use them for, these chicken heads add mojo!

Full Customization for Guitarists

With 10 knobs in each pack, you’ll have plenty for all your guitar gear. Mix and match knobs with different textures across your pedalboard and amp rig. Use them to color code effects like red for gain, green for modulation and yellow for delay.

Personalize your pedals with cool knobs that reflect your style. The shape stands out from standard control knobs for a unique look. Dress up dull effects in your signal chain for a more inspiring sound.

Chicken head knobs are a great way to customize the guitar gear you depend on. Dopro packs give you an assortment of these popular knobs for adding retro charm to modern music equipment. Turn your rig into a work of art with the distinctive look and utility of classic chicken head knobs!


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