Donner Special-I Professional Passive DI Box for Clean and Balanced Sound


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The Donner Special-I is a high-quality passive direct box designed to deliver clean, noise-free audio for instruments, amps, and other gear. This rugged DI box converts unbalanced signals to balanced outputs, providing impedance matching and eliminating hum caused by ground loops.

Heavy-Duty Build for Reliable Performance

Constructed with a solid metal housing, the Donner Special-I DI box is built to withstand the rigors of touring and constant use. The sturdy enclosure protects the internal transformer and circuitry from physical impact and abuse. With its rugged design, this DI box is made to deliver flawless operation gig after gig.

Pure, Balanced Sound with Ultra-Flat Frequency Response

At the heart of the Donner Special-I is the renowned Donner LAB-S1 transformer, engineered to provide an ultra-flat frequency response across the spectrum. From tight lows to crisp highs, the signal passes through transparently without coloration. The high-quality transformer also eliminates hum and buzz by isolating the input from the output.

Clean Connections with 1/4″ and XLR Inputs/Outputs

The Donner DI box features both 1/4″ TS and XLR connections for flexible integration. Use the 1/4″ input to connect instruments like guitars, basses, and keyboards. The balanced XLR output sends a low-impedance signal that runs long distances without interference or signal degradation. A ground lift switch eliminates hum caused by ground loops between equipment.

Versatile Controls Tailored for Stage and Studio

A passive direct box with an ultra-flat response, the Donner Special-I works equally well on stage and in the recording studio. Use the amp out to send your instrument signal to amps and monitors on stage while sending the balanced out to the PA or mixing board. In the studio, convert unbalanced outputs from instruments and line-level gear to balanced XLR without noise.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty metal construction withstands abuse
  • Donner LAB-S1 transformer provides ultra-flat frequency response
  • Converts unbalanced 1/4″ TS to balanced XLR signal
  • Ground lift switch eliminates hum from ground loops
  • 1/4″ input, amp out, and balanced XLR output
  • Rugged and reliable performance for stage and studio

Rugged and Reliable Performance for Stage and Studio

The Donner Special-I passive DI box is a workhorse solution for noise-free instrument signals in both live and recording applications. With its solid metal housing protecting quality components within, the Special-I delivers outstanding durability and long-lasting performance.

Equipped with a top-notch Donner LAB-S1 transformer, the Special-I provides an ultra-flat frequency response perfect for guitars, basses, keyboards, and more. The transformer’s galvanic isolation also eliminates hum caused by ground loops when using long cable runs on stage.

For live gigs, plug your instrument into the 1/4″ input and connect the amp out to your onstage amp. Send the balanced XLR output to the PA system or mixing board for a strong signal that won’t degrade over distance. The ground lift switch is also invaluable for eliminating hum when using multiple interconnected amps and pedalboards on stage.

In the recording studio, the Donner Special-I allows you to plug unbalanced outputs from instruments, amps, synths and other equipment into the 1/4″ input and output a clean balanced signal via XLR. Route the balanced output directly into your audio interface for noise-free tracks and recordings.

With its rugged metal enclosure, transformer isolation and transparent audio performance, the Donner Special-I passive DI box is a versatile problem solver for noise issues encountered in both live and studio settings. For affordable balanced sound every time you plug in, the Special-I has you covered.

Buy with Confidence from Donner

With over a decade of experience in musical equipment, Donner designs DI boxes, effect pedals, and other gear to help musicians plug in and play with confidence. Their products are rigorously tested for flawless operation in the studio or on stage.

For affordably priced but quality-made DI boxes and audio equipment, Donner delivers reliable performance every time. The Donner Special-I passive DI box will provide clean, balanced connections for all your instruments and gear.


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