Dolphin XL-4120 Quad 12″ Karaoke Machine | Next-Level Entertainment for Singers of All Ages


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Sing your heart out and captivate any audience with the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad 12″ Karaoke Machine. This professional-grade system delivers an immersive karaoke experience for home entertainers, providing you with robust audio power, dazzling visual effects, and intuitive controls to make every performance unforgettable.

At the heart of this karaoke machine lies an expansive 18.5″ touchscreen tablet running the user-friendly Android 12 operating system. Navigate playlists, queue up tracks, tweak audio settings, and more with smooth, responsive controls right at your fingertips. The brilliant display makes reading lyrics easier than ever, so you can focus on your stage presence rather than squinting at tiny text.

To complement the vivid visuals, the Dolphin XL-4120 pumps out dynamic sound with room-filling volume. Four 12-inch woofers and dual horn tweeters deliver a thumping low end, sparkling highs, and clear mids up to 300 watts RMS. Dedicated 5-band EQs for the left and right channels allow you to shape the sound to match any space. Belt out ballads or rock anthems with confidence, knowing your vocals will cut through the mix.

Connecting to the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad Karaoke Machine is a cinch with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities onboard. Stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet and sing along to your downloaded playlists and favorite streaming apps. When it’s time to go live, you can connect directly to platforms like TikTok and Twitch thanks to the built-in Live1 OTG live streaming feature. Share your performances in realtime and grow your audience.

For flexibility in various entertainment configurations, the Android system can be mirrored onto larger displays using the HDMI output. iOS mirroring is also supported to accommodate different devices. In addition to the wireless connectivity, you also get two rechargeable UHF mics so vocalists can easily pass the mic and share the spotlight during karaoke jams.

When it’s time to pump up the energy in the room, flick on the dedicated switch for dazzling sound activated party lights. As the music plays, multi-colored LEDs pulse and dance in sync. You can even enable WaveSync technology to have the lights move fluidly to match the rhythms and beats of your tracks. Between the immersive lighting effects and powerful audio, the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad Karaoke Machine will transform any space into an electrifying concert venue.

Despite its substantial sound and display capabilities, moving the XL-4120 Karaoke System around is hassle-free thanks to smooth-rolling caster wheels and a balanced, compact design. Set up your stage wherever the party takes you, from the living room floor to the backyard patio. Pivoting horn tweeters allow you to direct the audio dispersion for optimal coverage of your audience.

With its blend of robust vocal and visual performance, versatile connectivity, and impressive 300-watt audio power, the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad 12″ Karaoke Machine delivers an enthralling karaoke experience for users of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned singer looking to upgrade your home karaoke game or a parent wanting to nurture your child’s budding stardom, this system fills any room with energy and fun. Treat your family and friends to a world-class karaoke jam in the comfort of your own home when you bring home the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad Karaoke Machine.

Product Features:

– 18.5″ touchscreen tablet with Android 12 OS for intuitive karaoke control

– Dedicated 5-band EQ for left and right channels to customize your sound

– Live1 OTG live streaming to connect with TikTok, Twitch and more

– HDMI output and Android/iOS mirroring for expanded display options

– 300W RMS power output from quad 12″ woofers and horn tweeters

– Sound activated party lights with dedicated switch

– WaveSync technology synchronizes lights with music rhythms

– 2 wireless microphones included for duo performances

– Smooth-rolling caster wheels for portable use

– Pivoting horn tweeters to direct audio dispersion


  • Total Power Output: 300 Watts RMS
  • Woofers: 4 x 12″
  • Tweeters: Dual horn tweeters
  • Tablet Display: 18.5″ touchscreen
  • Tablet OS: Android 12
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Wired Connections: HDMI, aux input
  • Microphones: 2 x wireless UHF handheld mics
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 23″ x 47″
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Elevate your next party and unleash your inner rock star with the Dolphin XL-4120 Quad 12″ Karaoke Machine! This high-powered entertainment system will have you performing like a pro in no time.


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