DKKPIA 12V AC Adapter Charger for TC Helicon Voicetone-Synth Vocoder Effects Processor


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Give your TC Helicon Voicetone-Synth Vocoder the power it needs with this high quality 12V AC adapter charger from DKKPIA. This adapter is specifically designed to be compatible with the Voicetone-Synth, providing optimized charging power and performance.

Charge Your Voicetone-Synth Anywhere

The DKKPIA 12V AC adapter can charge your Voicetone-Synth at home, in the studio, or on the go. The adapter plugs into any standard wall outlet, delivering a steady 12V power supply to your vocal effects unit. Take it with you to gigs and sessions to keep your Voicetone-Synth powered up and ready to create stunning vocal effects on demand.

Superior Safety and Reliability

This adapter charger is engineered for maximum safety, durability, and energy efficiency. It features a sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, and over-charging protection to safeguard your Voicetone-Synth during charging. The high quality materials and expert construction ensure cool, safe charging temperatures for secure power delivery.

Universal Compatibility

While designed for the TC Helicon Voicetone-Synth, this 12V AC adapter is also compatible with many other devices that require 12V power input. It can be used as a replacement or spare charger for compatible vocal processors, guitar multi-effects units, keyboards, and more. The versatile design means this adapter charger is useful for powering a wide range of music gear and electronics.

Premium Construction

DKKPIA uses only the highest quality components in their adapter chargers. The durable plastic housing protects the internal circuitry from damage while still remaining lightweight and portable. High purity copper wiring ensures minimal power loss during transmission from the wall outlet to your device. Sturdy prongs securely fit into outlets worldwide thanks to the adaptable plug design.

User-Friendly Design

This adapter charger features an easy to use design. Simply plug it into any 100-240V 50/60Hz wall outlet and the opposite end into your Voicetone-Synth’s power input port. An integrated LED light lets you know the adapter is powered on and charging your device. The attached 5 foot cable gives you flexibility in placement while charging.

Protect Your Investment

Keep your Voicetone-Synth protected and performing at its best with this DKKPIA 12V AC adapter charger. While the Voicetone-Synth may come with an OEM wall adapter, having an extra charger ensures you have uninterrupted power. It also serves as a convenient replacement if your original adapter gets lost, damaged, or wears out over time.

Get the Most from Your Voicetone-Synth

Your Voicetone-Synth lets you shape your vocals in exciting new ways with its synth filtering, harmonizing, pitch correction, and vocoding capabilities. Power up its impressive effects engine to full potential with this optimized 12V AC adapter charger from DKKPIA. Experience the Voicetone-Synth’s vocals transformations, harmonies, pitch shifts, and more without worrying about running out of power.

Peace of Mind with Safety Features

Designed for safe, efficient charging, this DKKPIA adapter provides multiple layers of protection:

  • Over-heated protection shuts off power if the charger overheats
  • Over-current protection prevents power surges from damaging your Voicetone-Synth
  • Over-charging protection stops charging once your device’s battery is fully replenished

These intelligent safety features give you peace of mind while charging your vocal processor.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: 12V DC
  • Over-heated Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • Over-charging Protection
  • 5 foot attached cable
  • LED power indicator light

Order Today for Versatile, Dependable Power

Provide your TC Helicon Voicetone-Synth with 12V charging capability anywhere with the DKKPIA AC adapter charger. This high quality power adapter keeps your vocal processor charged and ready for stage and studio use. For convenient, reliable power, order the DKKPIA 12V AC adapter charger today!


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