DJBoomy Stage Lights – 36 RGB LED Par Lights for Parties, Events, Dance Floors




Let the Good Times Roll with DJBoomy’s Stage and Party Lights

Liven up any party or event with the vibrant, dynamic lighting effects of DJBoomy’s 36 LED Par Lights. With 7 modes and multiple lighting effects, these professional-grade stage lights will transform any room into a pulsing, energetic dance floor or performance space.

7 Dazzling Modes for Any Party Occasion

DJBoomy’s stage lights feature 7 fantastic modes to set the perfect mood at your next house party, school dance, wedding reception, or community event:

Dimming Mode – Adjust each light’s brightness up and down for soft, ambient lighting.

Sound Mode – The lights react and dance in sync with music and sounds in the room.

Console Mode – Manually program custom color combinations and effects.

Color Mode – Select specific colors or let the lights continuously cycle through the color spectrum.

Gradient Mode – Transition smoothly between two colors for beautiful, fade lighting effects.

Pulse Mode – Lights glow and dim rhythmically like a soothing heartbeat.

Jump Mode – Lights turn on and off randomly for fun, dynamic effects.

With so many options, you can create unique lighting ambiance for any type of party – from energetic dance clubs to chill lounges. The lights are sure to get your guests in the mood to have an amazing time!

Vibrant RGB Colors and Superior Brightness

Inside each of the 36 LED par lights are 12 ultra-bright red, green, and blue LEDs. By mixing these three primary colors, the lights can produce any vibrant color in the rainbow. From bold purples and cyans to pastel pinks and limes, the coloring possibilities are endless. The LEDs produce clear, pure hues at an exceptional brightness. No more dim, washed-out lighting at your parties!

The plastic housing protects the LEDs while providing rugged durability. Integrated heat sinks disperse heat so the lights can shine bright all night long without overheating or burnout. With incredible luminosity and long-lasting LED bulbs, DJBoomy’s stage lights will make your party shine for years to come.

Full Control with Included Remote or DMX Controller

DJBoomy’s stage lights include an IR remote control so you can easily change colors, modes, and brightness without complicated setup. Or, connect the lights to an external DMX controller (sold separately) using DMX cables. DMX allows professional lighting programmers and designers to choreograph elaborate light shows. Each light becomes a “pixel” that can be precisely manipulated into dazzling displays.

Whether you take advantage of built-in presets or program advanced DMX routines, you’ll love how DJBoomy’s lights give you total creative control over the lighting experience. Brighten up one corner of the room, pulse in time to the music, or arrange a choreographed show – the possibilities are endless!

Flexible Mounting for Stages, Dancefloors, Walls & More

DJBoomy engineered these LED par lights for versatile mounting. Each light includes 2 adjustable hanging brackets that tilt and swivel 360 degrees. Mount the lights on walls, ceilings, truss rigging, DJ booths, stages, and more. Position them at whatever angle you desire to bathe the room in vibrant lighting effects.

The compact, lightweight design also makes DJBoomy’s lights easy to transport and set up in different locations. Bring dynamic lighting to house parties, school dances, weddings, corporate events, and any other special occasion. Use the included power cable to plug in and get the party started!

Ultra-Bright Stage Lighting for Any Event

DJBoomy’s 36 LED par lights are perfect for:

– House Parties
– Dance Clubs
– DJ Events
– School Dances
– Wedding Receptions
– Live Bands/Performances
– Theatrical Lighting
– Christmas/Holiday Lighting
– Nightclubs & Bars
– Corporate Events
– Restaurants & Cafes
– And much more!

With brilliant RGB lighting effects, included remote control, durable design, and easy mounting, DJBoomy’s stage lights are a must-have for party hosts, event planners, DJs, entertainers, and lighting designers. The vibrant colors and dazzling shows will make any occasion vibrant, fun, and memorable. Light up your next party with the magic of DJBoomy!


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