Display and Protect Your Guitar with the Handcrafted Ruach GS-1 Solid Wood Guitar Stand


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Showcase your prized guitar’s classic beauty while keeping it secure and ready to play with the Ruach GS-1 guitar stand. Handmade in Northern Ireland from solid birch wood, this elegantly simple stand combines premium craftsmanship with functionality. Its clean, contemporary design perfectly complements both vintage and modern guitars.

Premium Materials and Sturdy Construction

Constructed from solid birch instead of cheaper composite boards, this stand provides robust strength and stability. Birch is valued for its attractive grain patterns and warm, mellow tone reminiscent of maple. The wood’s natural beauty shines through, featuring a sleek clear lacquer finish that protects while highlighting the birch grain.

With a 39 inch height from base to cradle, the stand accommodates full-size electric guitars and larger acoustic guitars. The cradled support captures your guitar by the body rather than the vulnerable neck. Thick rubber feet keep the base grounded while preventing scratches and slipping.

Built for quick and easy home assembly, the guitar stand ships as two interlocking pieces. Just slide the support into place and secure with the included screws. No special tools or hardware required.

Display Your Guitar with Pride

The Ruach GS-1 stand displays your guitar prominently, turning your prized instrument into a visual focal point whether placed in a corner, along a wall, or centrally in a room. The minimalist, unobtrusive design of the stand keeps the focus on your guitar’s classic contours and artful details. Your axe looks great while remaining easily accessible.

You’ll love coming home to see your guitar welcoming you, eagerly awaiting your next jam session. For gigging musicians, the stand keeps your go-to instrument front and center as you prepare for shows. Display your latest custom shop find or vintage collectible and admire it as you unwind.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Guitar

By keeping your guitar upright and stable in an appropriately supportive stand, you’ll avoid damage from falling over or stressing the neck. The GS-1’s contoured cradle is lined with a soft foam pad that prevents dings, dents, and scratches. No more laying your prized guitar flat on a problematic guitar case or cluttered furniture.

The ideal storage position maintains string tension while removing downward pressure on the instrument. This preserves your guitar’s setup and allows the wood to breathe. Too much compression flattens the soundboard and throws off critical neck relief. Storing in a stand prolongs your axe’s life.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your guitar is elevated safely away from curious children and pets. Never again trip over your instrument left haphazardly on the floor. The Ruach GS-1 stand displays your guitar in an upright position akin to a piece of visual art while keeping it secure.

Quick Assembly For Immediate Use

Go from box to fully assembled stand in just minutes thanks to the Ruach GS-1’s clever two-piece design requiring no special joinery or hardware. The base and cradled top each ship as pre-cut wooden pieces ready for assembly.

Just slide the support piece into the base, aligning the pre-drilled holes. Use the included Phillips head screwdriver to insert and tighten the two screws. Don’t have your own screwdriver handy? Ruach thoughtfully provides one.

Once assembled, the stand’s interlocking pieces form a sturdy triangular structure resistant from tipping over. Rubber feet provide further stability as they grip the floor. The foam-lined cradle provides padded protection for your guitar’s delicate finish.

Premium Hardwood Composition

The Ruach GS-1 stand consists entirely of solid birch rather than cheaper composite wood products. Birch offers an ideal balance of strength, stability, and lightweight maneuverability. Prized for use in furniture and flooring, birch displays attractive grain patterns and warm, mellow tones.

The wood is carefully sealed with a clear, low-sheen lacquer that protects while accentuating birch’s natural beauty. Its smooth sanded finish prevents snagging and provides a soft, protective bed for your guitar’s bare wood. This thoughtful design reflects Ruach’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Display and Protect Your Collection

The Ruach GS-1 Solid Wood Guitar Stand combines visual appeal, graceful support, and steadfast protection for treasured guitars. Its clean, minimalist styling looks sharp in any room while keeping your instrument secure and damage-free.

Display your growing guitar collection by outfitting your studio or living space with multiple Ruach stands. The stands lend cohesive flair while providing individual resting places. Or use one stand to showcase your daily player and keep it in optimal playing condition.

For the guitarist seeking a furniture-grade stand highlighting craftsmanship, Ruach delivers. Handmade from solid birch and designed for quick assembly, the GS-1 stand displays your axe like a work of art.


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