Devinal Guitar to USB-C Record Cable – Turn Your Guitar Into a Recording Studio


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Play like a rockstar and record studio-quality tracks with the Devinal Guitar to USB-C Record Cable. This handy 10ft cable lets you plug your guitar, bass, or keyboard directly into your computer to capture professional recordings.

Jam Out and Lay Down Tracks

Ever wished you could record those sweet guitar licks or pumping basslines? With the Devinal USB-C record cable, you can plug your instrument straight into your laptop or PC to capture your playing.

Whether you want to record demos, produce tracks, or make YouTube covers, this cable unleashes your creativity. Just plug into your computer’s USB-C port and you’re ready to jam out and lay down tracks with your favorite software.

Studio-Quality Sound

While USB cables tend to degrade and distort your instrument’s natural tone, the Devinal record cable is specially engineered to preserve audio fidelity.

Constructed using high purity oxygen-free copper, this cable minimizes signal loss so you get clean, balanced sound. The metal braided shielding also eliminates interference and crosstalk so you can crank up the volume without compromising sound quality.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with Windows and Mac, the Devinal USB-C record cable works seamlessly with your computer and favorite recording programs like Audacity, Garageband, Reaper, and more.

It also pairs perfectly with VST plugins, amp modelers, and DAWs like Ableton or Pro Tools to help craft professional recordings. Whether using editing software or virtual instruments, this cable captures the true tone of your guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum machine.

Built to Last

Between gigging, practicing, and recording, cables take a beating. That’s why the Devinal USB-C cord is constructed using heavy-duty materials to withstand constant use.

The rugged metal alloy housing resists wear while the thick PVC jacket helps prevent cuts and abrasions. And with a durable gold-plated connector, you can plug and unplug without signal loss or damage over time.

Take Your Recording to the Next Level

If you’re serious about recording, the Devinal USB-C guitar cable is a must-have accessory. With simple plug-and-play operation, this cable makes it easy to:

  • Record demos of your songs to share online or with your band
  • Capture riffs, licks, and solos to archive your progress
  • Lay down multiple tracks to produce complete songs
  • Create backing tracks and jam along to sharpen your playing
  • Upload covers and originals to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more

Whether you want to share your music or become the next breakout artist, this cable removes the barriers between you and your creativity.

Start Recording Like a Pro

The Devinal USB-C to guitar cable opens up a world of possibilities to record, produce, and share your music. To start capturing studio-quality tracks:

  1. Download your favorite recording software like Audacity or Reaper for free online
  2. Plug your guitar, bass, keys, or mixer into the 1/4″ TS end of the cable
  3. Connect the USB-C end into your computer’s USB port
  4. Set up your software preferences and inputs
  5. Hit record and start playing!

With the click of a button, you’ll be recording top-notch tracks on par with professional studios.

This cable works flawlessly with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and more. It installs automatically with no drivers required.

A 10 foot durable cable gives you flexibility to move around while playing live into your computer. And the compact connector size fits even cramped home studios and desktop setups.

Designed for Musicians, by Musicians

Devinal stands out from other brands by designing products specifically for musicians. Developed by experienced engineers and artists, the Devinal USB-C record cable focuses on performance, durability, and simplicity.

Their cables and audio equipment aim to remove obstacles so musicians can turn their passion into recorded music.

So whether you’re an aspiring musician or seasoned artist, Devinal provides the tools to unleash your potential.

Transform Your Computer into a Recording Studio

The Devinal USB-C to Guitar Record Cable opens the door to recording studio-quality music at home. Now you can bypass mics, mixers, and preamps and plug directly into your computer to capture your signature sound.

If you’re ready to take your recordings to the next level, grab this essential cable today.


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