Decksaver Opus-Quad Protective Cover


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Keep your Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD controller safe from the rigors of travel and performance with the Decksaver OPUS-QUAD protective cover. Custom designed for the OPUS-QUAD, this sleek cover provides full protection without limiting usability.

Shield Your Gear from Dust, Spills, and Impacts

The OPUS-QUAD is an advanced 4-channel DJ controller packed with sensitive controls. Dust, accidental spills, and impacts during transport or storage can easily damage the delicate knobs, faders, and buttons. The Decksaver OPUS-QUAD cover is engineered to prevent such damage. The precisely contoured shell shields the entire top panel of your controller to prevent dust buildup and keep grime away from faders and knobs. The high-quality polycarbonate construction also absorbs impacts to prevent cracking or breaking. An integrated spillway channels liquid away from controls and sensitive components if accidentally spilled on.

Full Interaction Without Removal

While fully protecting your controller, the Decksaver cover enables full interaction without needing to remove it. The unique smoked transparent design allows complete visual access to your OPUS-QUAD’s pads, jog wheels, faders, knobs, and displays. Precision openings on the sides provide access to all rear panel connections for seamless cabling without removal. You can fully operate and perform with your OPUS-QUAD while keeping it protected from environmental hazards.

Take Your Controller Anywhere

The Decksaver OPUS-QUAD cover makes transportation stress-free. Its rigid shell and snug custom-molded fit prevent your controller’s delicate controls from taking damage while in transit. The protective cover stays securely in place during travel while still allowing you to fit your covered controller into most standard bags, cases, and backpacks. Short on space? The slim design enables you to stack other gear on top without worrying about damage.

Weighing just 367g (0.81lbs), the cover adds negligible weight. It’s easy to pop on whenever you need to move your OPUS-QUAD controller. For extra convenience, the included lightweight drawstring carrying bag lets you easily transport the cover itself.

Designed for DJs by DJs

Decksaver control covers are designed by DJs for DJs. The England-based company was founded by DJs and takes inspiration from direct input from DJs worldwide. The OPUS-QUAD cover builds on decades of experience designing protective solutions for sensitive DJ gear.

Countless DJs rely on Decksaver covers for protecting their prized equipment during transportation and storage. When your livelihood depends on your gear, you need the best protection you can get. Join DJs worldwide who trust Decksaver covers to keep their controllers safe.

Designed for the OPUS-QUAD

Decksaver control covers are precision-designed for specific controllers. The OPUS-QUAD cover is custom-molded to fit the contours of the OPUS-QUAD perfectly. The snug fit prevents dust and debris intrusion while retaining easy port access. It won’t accidentally slip off or move around when transporting or stacking other gear.

Don’t waste money on makeshift solutions! Get a cover designed specifically for the OPUS-QUAD for hassle-free, full-coverage protection.

Keep Your Investment Safe

Your Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD controller represents a serious investment in your craft. Keep it protected with the Decksaver OPUS-QUAD cover. It offers cheap insurance against expensive damage from dust, spills, and impacts. The cover pays for itself many times over by extending the life of your gear.

Don’t leave your prized controller vulnerable – pick up a Decksaver OPUS-QUAD cover today and breathe easy knowing your gear is protected!


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