D Debra Audio PRO ER-102 UHF IEM Wireless in Ear Monitor System – Crystal Clear Audio for Stage, Band, and Studio Performances


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Hear every note with pristine clarity using the D Debra Audio PRO ER-102 wireless in-ear monitoring system. This professional-grade UHF system provides stunning audio quality across an incredible 300-foot range so you can move freely while maintaining perfect pitch and timing.

Advanced UHF PLL circuitry delivers a robust, anti-interference signal that’s far superior to older analog systems. The ultra-fast tuning speed switches between any of 100 selectable frequencies in the 510-580 MHz range at the touch of a button. Find your perfect channel in seconds without disruptive signal drops or interference.

Custom In-Ear Mix for Optimal Monitoring

On stage, you need to hear your own mix clearly to lock in with the band and nail every song. The ER-102 has a transmitter unit with a 1/4″ input, 3.5mm input, and two combo XLR/1/4″ inputs to mix and balance audio. Craft your perfect in-ear blend of vocals, instruments, click tracks, or backtracks to suit your monitoring needs.

The bodypack receiver has a crisp OLED display to monitor volume levels and battery life. Adjust your own mix on the fly using separate volume knobs for left and right ears. Hear your signal with sparkling clarity and zero distortion even at louder volumes thanks to the built-in limiter circuitry.

Versatile for Stage, Studio, and Beyond

This wireless monitor system is ideal for vocalists, guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, and more. Use it on stage to hear your live mix, in the recording studio to monitor takes, or anywhere you need a personal feed like houses of worship, exercise classes, and conference presentations.

The transmitter packs have both 1/4″ and XLR inputs to connect directly to mixer boards, instruments, microphones, and audio interfaces. The receiver has a standard 1/8″ headphone jack to work with any earbuds or in-ear monitors.

Set up is fast and hassle-free – no frequencies to coordinate or cables to run. Just power up the transmitter and receiver, auto-scan for an open frequency, and start your performance or session with zero distractions.

Key Features:

  • UHF PLL wireless technology for ultra-stable signal
  • 510-580 MHz frequency range with 100 selectable channels
  • 300+ foot wireless range with no dropouts
  • Easy auto-scan tuning finds free frequencies fast
  • XLR, 1/4″, and 3.5mm inputs on transmitter unit
  • OLED displays on transmitter and receiver
  • Limiter circuitry prevents distortion at high volumes
  • Dual volume knobs on receiver for stereo monitoring
  • 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone jack works with any earbuds
  • Comes with headphones, antennas, power adapters

Hear Your Best for Band or Studio Performances

The D Debra Audio ER-102 wireless system delivers top-tier audio quality with rock-solid RF stability. Experience total freedom of movement and your own pristine mix to bring out your best live vocal or instrumental performances. It’s also ideal for any recording or rehearsal studio where zero-latency monitoring is essential.

Forget subpar analog systems or annoying dropouts. The advanced UHF PLL circuitry provides incredible 300+ foot range with no interference or loss of signal. Crank up the volume without distortion thanks to intelligent limiters.

If superior in-ear monitoring matters for your performances, choose the pro-grade D Debra Audio ER-102 system. Hear flawless mix quality, lock in with your bandmates, and take your skills to the next level night after night.


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