CX400 Stereo Mini Audio Mixer – Compact 4-Channel Passive Mixer for Recording, Stage, and Small Venues


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The CX400 Stereo Mini Audio Mixer is the perfect compact passive mixer for musicians, DJs, content creators, and anyone needing to combine multiple audio sources into one output. This lightweight 4-channel stereo mixer allows up to 4 devices to be mixed and controlled before routing to speakers, house mixers, interfaces, recorders and more.

Superior Low-Noise Performance

This mini mixer produces outstanding audio quality with ultra-low noise and zero distortion. The passive design requires no batteries or power source, providing clean stereo mixing and signal splitting right out of the box. Adjust each of the 4 input channels independently without degrading the pristine audio quality.

Mix & Match Audio Sources

The CX400 gives you the flexibility to mix and match just about any combination of audio devices. Plug in microphones, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, laptops, turntables, instruments and more using the 1/4″ or RCA connections. Control the levels for up to 4 stereo sources and route the final mix to speakers, PA systems, interfaces, amps, and recording equipment.

Intuitive Controls

Dialing in the perfect mix is easy thanks to the intuitive control layout. The 4 input channels each feature independent volume control knobs allowing you to finely adjust the signal coming from each source. Two master output knobs let you control the overall left and right stereo outputs. Just turn the knobs to achieve perfect blending between mics, instruments, tracks, and other audio sources.

Ideal for Solo Artists & Small Bands

The CX400 is perfect for solo singers, DJs, and bands that need to mix and control a handful of sources. Eliminate stage clutter and excessive gear with this lightweight all-in-one mixer. Just grab your mics, instruments, MP3 players, laptops, and the CX400 for a complete mixing solution. The compact durable metal construction allows it to be tossed in a backpack and taken anywhere.

Flexible Connectivity

Plug in your equipment using the 4 stereo RCA and 1/4″ inputs. Connect powered speakers, house mixers, interfaces, amps, recorders and more via the stereo RCA output jacks. The CX400 provides noise-free flexible mixing in a tabletop form factor that fits perfectly on stage, in production studios, small clubs, content studios and anywhere space is limited.

Key Features:

– 4-channel stereo mini audio mixer

– Passive design requires no battery or power

– Ultra low-noise mixing performance

– 4 x Stereo RCA inputs

– 4 x 1/4″ inputs

– Stereo RCA output

– Independent level controls for each input

– Left/Right master output control

– Durable metal construction

– Lightweight and portable

Mix. Blend. Create.

Whether you’re mixing a podcast, band practice, DJ gig or live event, the CX400 provides the flexible connectivity and performance you need. Mix instruments, mics, tracks and more to feed recording interfaces, house mixers, streaming setups and sound systems. Blend multiple sound sources into a professional combined output at events, presentations, in recording studios and small venues. Create amazing audio easily with clean, reliable mixing in a compact form factor.

Straightforward Operation

The intuitive interface makes dialing in the perfect mix frustration-free. Just plug your audio sources into the various inputs, connect your powered speakers or PA system to the outputs, and start mixing! Adjust the individual channel volumes to control the blend, and use the master outs to set the overall volume. No complicated controls or menus – just simple, great sounding 4-channel stereo mixing.

Take Control of Your Mix

The CX400 gives you the flexibility to craft exactly the mix you need whether practicing at home, performing live or working in the recording studio. Effortlessly blend mics, instruments, tracks, laptops, Mp3 players and more to achieve fully balanced, professional audio. Compact and durable, it’s easy to use the CX400 anywhere you need versatile stereo mixing.


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