Crossrock Black Wood Case for Acoustic Bass Guitar


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Protect your prized acoustic bass guitar with the Crossrock Black Wood Case. Specifically designed for acoustic bass guitars, this case features an ultra-strong arched top for heavy-duty protection compared to standard flat cases. The multiple-ply wood core offers unmatched strength to safeguard your instrument during travel and storage. Upgraded deluxe gold latches, high-quality PVC covering and reinforced hinges shield against dings, bumps and other damage. The plush interior cradles your bass guitar securely while the stylish black exterior looks great backstage or on the go. The Crossrock bass guitar case combines durability, protection and classic style. With its rugged construction, your acoustic bass guitar stays safe from harm while being transported or kept in storage. For guitarists who demand the best, the Crossrock Black Wood Case delivers. Order now to keep your acoustic bass guitar secure wherever the music takes you.


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