Cre8audio Chipz Dual Oscillator Eurorack Synthesizer Module – 14HP All-Analog VCO with Sine, Tri, Saw, Square, Wavefolding, Hard Sync, PWM


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Experience the rich, warm sound of analog with the Cre8audio Chipz dual oscillator Eurorack module. This 14HP powerhouse delivers a multitude of all-analog waveforms and shaping options for complex modular sound design.

Dual Oscillators with Variable Wave Outputs

At the heart of Chipz are two independent, fully analog oscillators for generating a variety of waveforms. Oscillator A produces sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waves with variable pulse-width modulation. Oscillator B generates sine, triangle and sawtooth waves. With the shape knob, you can continuously morph between wave shapes for dramatically evolving tones.

Wavefolding Distortion and Overdrive

On top of the multiple waveform outputs, Chipz also provides wavefolding circuitry for adding harmonic richness and aggression. The Fold control intensifies distortion, allowing you to overdrive the oscillators into more complex and gritty sonic territory. From subtle saturation to screaming folds, it brings analog character and flexibility.

Hard Sync, PWM and More

Get creative with hard sync, which forces oscillator B to reset its cycle based on oscillator A. This produces robotic effects, chirps, clangs and ever-changing textures. The built-in PWM on oscillator A delivers pulsating animation for retro sounds. Frequency, shape and fine-tuning controls provide precision over both oscillators.

Modular Connectivity

Chipz seamlessly integrates into your Eurorack modular setup. With a 14HP width, it fits efficiently into skiff cases and racks. CV inputs allow for voltage control over the oscillator frequencies and shape morphing. Sync in/out enables interconnection with other oscillators and modulation sources for intricate patterns and interplay.

All-Analog Signal Path

As an all-analog oscillator, Chipz gives you the warmth and character missing from digital VCOs. The 100% analog circuitry preserves clarity and avoids the harshness of digitally-generated waveforms. From subsonic bass to piercing leads, Chipz delivers quality tones for any modular patch.

Intuitive Layout and Protection

Despite the deep functionality, Chipz maintains an intuitive and playable layout with clearly labeled controls. Protection circuitry guards against power surges and mispatching. With versatile waveshaping, two feature-packed oscillators and rugged build, Chipz is ready to become the centerpiece of your Eurorack synthesizer system.

Whether you need a flexible dual VCO for pads, arps, leads, FX or modular madness, the Cre8audio Chipz has you covered. Create your next analog masterpiece with the best of both worlds – vintage oscillator sound meets modern Eurorack power.


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