COOPHYA Electric Guitar Cable Spark Amp Patch Cables – Premium Metal Patch Cord for Guitar Pedal Boards




Guitarists know that a high-quality patch cable can make all the difference when it comes to tone and performance. That’s why we created the COOPHYA Electric Guitar Cable – crafted with superior components to give you exceptional sound quality and reliability.

Built for Crystal Clear Signal Transmission

Our guitar patch cable is specially engineered to preserve your tone and deliver it faithfully from pedal to pedal. It features oxygen-free copper conductors which minimize resistance for increased clarity. The unique braided shielding blocks electromagnetic interference for reduced noise and hum.

You’ll hear the difference from the very first strum or picking pattern. Notes ring out purely with no muddiness or loss of dynamics. Whether you play rock, metal, blues, jazz, or any other genre, this cable enhances accuracy and articulation.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

The COOPHYA patch cable is not only high-performing but also extremely durable. It’s built to withstand the rigors of touring and frequent transport.

The connectors have a metal housing which resists corrosion and protects the contacts inside. The relieved PVC jacket lessens strain on the joints and prevents shorts or disconnects even with consistent bending.

The cable itself features a dense braided layer under the jacket that adds strength and prevents kinking. The compact size makes for easy storage while the flexibility allows neat routing on crowded pedalboards.

Compatible With All Your Essential Pedals

This 1/4 inch TS guitar cable is designed to work seamlessly with pedals from brands like:

– Boss
– Electro-Harmonix
– TC Electronic
– Dunlop
– Ibanez
– DigiTech
– Marshall
– Fender
– Way Huge
– Fulltone

It fits snugly into input and output jacks to complete the connection between your effects pedals, multi-fx processors, rack units, preamp, power amp, audio interface, spark amp, or any other equipment.

The 15cm length is ideal for tight spaces like pedalboards. You get reliably short patch cables that reduce clutter and signal degradation.

Take Your Sound to the Next Level

The COOPHYA Electric Guitar Cable truly unlocks the full potential of your gear. With its noiseless transmission and rugged durability, it’s the ultimate patch cord for gigging musicians and studio guitarists alike.

Experience what a difference premium cables can make. Order the COOPHYA patch cable today and get ready to be blown away by the purity and richness it brings out in every note you play!

Product Features

– Compact 15cm length ideal for pedalboards

– Metal housing connectors prevent corrosion and ensure secure fit

– Braided shielding eliminates electromagnetic interference and crosstalk

– Oxygen-free copper conductors provide crystal clear audio transmission

– Durable PVC jacket and flexible cable withstand constant bending

– Great for use with pedals, preamps, power amps, audio interfaces, and more

– Preserves tone and dynamics for accurate, articulated sound

– Reduces signal noise, distortion and loss for clean audio

– Rugged build quality stands up to touring and transport

– Hassle-free plug and play connection with all your gear


– Length: 15cm

– Connectors: 1/4″ TS metal housing

– Conductor: Oxygen-free copper

– Shielding: Braided layer

– Jacket: Flexible PVC

Ideal for These Applications:

– Connecting effect pedals on a pedalboard

– Linking preamps, power amps, and audio interfaces

– Patching rack processors and effects units

– Cable runs in tight spaces like pedalboards

– Recording guitar in home studios

– Live performances on stage

– Guitar practice setups

Why Choose the COOPHYA Electric Guitar Cable?

Superior Transmission Quality

The oxygen-free copper conductors and noiseless design provide clean, accurate audio for the best tone.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The metal connectors and dense shielding allow the cable to withstand constant use and transport.

Compact Size

The 15cm length allows for neat, efficient connections in tight spaces like pedalboards.

Seamless Compatibility

Plugs and plays flawlessly with all major pedal, preamp, power amp, and audio interface brands.

Protects Your Investment

Preserves the integrity of your high-end gear by preventing signal degradation.

Built to Last

Durable components and smart design ensure exceptional longevity and reliability.

Hassle-Free Performance

Just plug in and enjoy noise-free, accurate tone right out of the box.

Optimizes Your Setup

Bring out the full potential in your pedals, amps, and processors.

Transform the Way You Play

Step up your guitar tone with the COOPHYA Electric Guitar Cable. Order today and plug into an unparalleled listening experience.


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