Coolmusic Keyboard AMP – 30W Electric Drum & Keyboard Amplifier for Gigs, Practice, and More


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Take your keyboard or e-drum performances to the next level with the Coolmusic Keyboard AMP. Packing 30 watts of power through two speaker drivers, this versatile 2-channel amp provides the full, rich sound you need whether practicing at home, jamming with friends or playing live gigs.

Crisp Highs and Deep Lows

Many affordable amplifiers lack the sonic detail to keep up with keyboards and electric drums. Not the Coolmusic Keyboard AMP. It features a 8-inch woofer for deep, resonant low end along with a 2-inch tweeter for sparkling highs. The result is a clean, balanced tone perfect for everything from delicate jazz comping to thunderous rock solos.

The amp’s wide 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response captures the full dynamic range of your electronic instruments. You’ll hear every subtlety, from the crisp snap of drum pads to the warm overtones of synth strings, with stunning accuracy.

Flexible Tone Shaping and Effects

Dial in your ideal keyboard or e-kit sound with the Coolmusic’s flexible tone shaping features. The convenient 3-band EQ gives you precise control over bass, mid and treble frequencies. Cut or boost levels until your tone sits perfectly in the mix.

Add ambience and depth to your sound with built-in digital effects like chorus, flanger and delay. The handy Aux input even lets you plug in your phone or MP3 player to jam along with backing tracks or drum loops.

Silent Practice Options

The Coolmusic Keyboard AMP enables you to practice anytime without disturbing others. Just plug your headphones into the convenient front-panel headphone jack to mute the speakers. You can play in silence – perfect for late nights or keeping the peace with family and roommates.

For ultra-portable performance, use the amp’s DI output to route your sound to a PA system or powered monitor wedge. Set up your gear anywhere without having to mic it up.

Jam, Practice and Perform

Whether you’re a hobbyist or pro musician, the Coolmusic Keyboard AMP provides the power, tone and features you need. Use it for:

  • Keyboard practice in your home studio
  • Drum practice without acoustic noise
  • Gigs at coffee shops or bars
  • Busking on the street
  • Mobile performances

The amp’s compact, portable design makes it easy to transport to rehearsals, lessons, gigs and anywhere you want great tone. Just grab it and go!

Connect All Your Gear

The Coolmusic’s versatile input options accommodate a wide range of instruments and audio sources:

  • 1/4″ inputs for keyboards, e-drums, guitars and more
  • XLR mic input for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • 1/8″ Aux input for MP3 players, phones and tablets
  • USB input to play tracks from a thumb drive

Everything you need for solo performing or playing with a full band. The built-in USB input is great for backing tracks and allows you to avoid embarrassing moments where your phone dies mid-song!

Coolmusic Quality

Coolmusic has been designing innovative amplifiers for over 10 years. All their gear is rigorously tested for durability, tone and ease of use. With the Coolmusic Keyboard AMP, you get that same commitment to quality.

Order yours today to take your keyboard or e-drum tone to the next level, whether practicing, jamming or performing. It provides crystal clear sound, flexible EQ and pro features at an affordable price.


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