Coolmusic BP60D Portable 120W Bluetooth Acoustic Guitar Amplifier – Battery-Powered PA System with Effects for Gigs


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Need an acoustic guitar amp that can keep up with full band jams and energetic gigs? The Coolmusic BP60D is a portable, 120-watt amplifier with built-in effects that provides room-filling sound for guitarists, vocalists, and small ensembles. With Bluetooth streaming, versatile inputs, and rechargeable battery power, this lightweight amp has everything you need for amplified acoustic tones anywhere.

Robust 120W Output for Small Venues

Don’t let the compact size fool you – the Coolmusic BP60D can pump out some serious volume thanks to its 120 watt acoustic amp powered by a Class D amplifier. The dual 8-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters provide impactful lows, sparkling highs, and clear mids perfect for acoustics and vocals. Turn up the BP60D and easily fill small venues, accompany busking and street performances, or provide party-rocking amplification for backyard jams. The five-band EQ allows precise tone shaping.

Onboard Effects for Polished Performances

Beyond just amplification, the Coolmusic BP60D allows you to add professional sound processing to dial in your ideal tone. The built-in digital effects include reverb for a lush, spacious sound; chorus to widen and thicken your guitar’s tone; and delay for echo effects. Use just a touch for subtle enhancement, or crank them up for more dramatic ambience. The effects loop also allows you to connect external pedals.

Battery-Powered Portability

The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous play time at moderate volumes. No need for AC power when busking downtown or playing a house party – just grab the BP60D and you’ve got portable amplification all night long. It weighs only 25 pounds for easy transport in your car or onto public transit. When you need extended runtime for all-day events, simply plug into an outlet for uninterrupted acoustic power.

Connect Any Sound Source

While it excels as an acoustic guitar amplifier, the Coolmusic BP60D’s versatile inputs allow you to plug in just about anything. The two 1/4″ inputs accept piezo pickups and work great for acoustic-electric guitars, violins, and more. Two XLR mic inputs (one with phantom power) handle dynamic and condenser microphones for amplified vocals. Bring backing tracks, drum loops, or streaming music via the 1/8″ stereo input or Bluetooth connectivity.

Jammer and Gigger-Ready Features

Designed for performing musicians, the BP60D is packed with useful features to enhance your gigs and sessions. Dedicated Equalization on the guitar and microphone channels allows you to optimize each instrument’s tone. Adjustable anti-feedback circuitry prevents squealing. There’s also a headphone jack for quiet practice, XLR DI output to feed mixing boards, and MP3 line out for multitrack recording. The BP60D lets you control your sound and perform at your best anywhere.

Serious Acoustic Amplification Anywhere

With robust 120 watt output, built-in effects, and battery-powered portability, the Coolmusic BP60D delivers pro-level performance for acoustic guitarists and vocalists on the go. Its lightweight design and carry handle make it easy to transport, while the versatile connectivity allows you to plug in any sound source. Whether you’re rocking a coffee shop gig or jamming in the backyard, your acoustic tone will cut through the mix with this powerful portable PA system.


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