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Experience pure, clear audio connection with the Jelly Tang 6.35mm (1/4″) TS Male to Male Instrument Cable. Featuring premium build quality and components, this unbalanced patch cable is perfect for linking your guitars, keyboards, pedalboards, and more to amps, mixers, audio interfaces, and other gear.

Pure Copper Conductors Provide Clear, Noiseless Signal Transfer

At the heart of this instrument cable lies a pure copper wire core designed for efficient, uncolored sound transmission. Copper provides lower resistance than cheaper aluminum alternatives, reducing signal loss over long cable runs so you get clean amplification without muddiness or distortion. High-purity copper also eliminates electromagnetic interference for noiseless operation even in dense pedalboard setups.

Gold-Plated Connectors Maintain Signal Integrity

Delivering the audio without compromise, this cable utilizes gold-plated 1/4″ TS connectors rather than nickel or bare copper versions which can corrode over time. The gold resists oxidation and corrosion for reliable long-term use, while also improving connectivity for better signal transfer between your equipment. The precision machined connectors offer a tight fit to prevent drops in signal quality.

Road-Ready Braided Nylon Jacket

While the high-grade internal components get your sound right, the external nylon braided jacket keeps the cable protected for the long haul. The tightly braided nylon resists tangling and abrasion during on-stage use or repeated coiling/uncoiling. It also provides a flexible feel that won’t restrict your movement. Shy away from stiff, rubbery PVC cables that maintain kinks and crack over time.

Versatile Unbalanced Audio Connection

Simple yet highly functional, this mono TS instrument cable can link electric guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, pedalboards, and effects to amps, pedals, audio interfaces, mixers, and PA systems. The classic 1/4″ TS ends offer an unbalanced connection great for shorter runs, stage work, and home recording setups. Experience the true tone of your instruments, effects loops, and signal chains.

Built for Extended Reliable Performance

As a Premium Series cable, the Jelly Tang 1/4″ cable undergoes rigorous testing for flawless performance. The connectors endure over 10,000+ bend cycles, far outlasting lower grade cables. Overall build quality ensures low signal loss even after months of daily use, letting your equipment perform at its very best during practice, studio work, and gigs. The perfect foundation for any rig.

Get Pro-Level Performance Without the Price

This cable punches above its class to deliver exceptional reliability, connectivity, and transmission quality for the money. No need to drop big bucks on boutique cables to enhance your sound. Jelly Tang combines smart engineering with high-end components for optimal conduction in an affordable, road-ready package. Treat your gear to the connectivity it deserves.

Available in Multiple Lengths for Any Setup

Jelly Tang 1/4″ TS instrument cables come in 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft variations. Choose the perfect length for your stage layout, pedalboard needs, or studio setup. Shorter runs are ideal for pedal/amp links, while the longer cables allow freedom of movement and let you position gear farther apart. Connect just the way you like.


– Unbalanced Mono 1/4″ TS Male to Male Cable

– Pure Copper Core Conductor

– Gold-Plated Connectors Prevent Corrosion

– Nylon Braided Jacket for Durability

– Available in Multiple Lengths: 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft

Compatible with:

– Electric Guitars and Basses

– Keyboards, Synths, Digital Pianos

– Pedalboards and Effects Chains

– Rackmount Preamps and Processors

– PA Systems, Powered Mixers, Audio Interfaces

– Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Acoustic Amps

– And More!

Experience Audio Clarity from Jelly Tang

Step up your sound connectivity with premium TS instrument cables from Jelly Tang. Built to handle daily use with gold connectors and copper cores, these cables deliver clean, balanced signal transfer for studio and stage use. Invest in the quality your equipment deserves.


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