Color Code Your Mics and Avoid Mix-Ups with These Silicone Sleeves for Sennheiser ew G3/G4 SKM Wireless Microphones


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Tired of your vocalists or presenters accidentally grabbing the wrong mic backstage and ending up with feedback or audio issues? Avoid wireless mic mix-ups and quickly ID mics with this 8-pack of silicone sleeves that slide over Sennheiser ew G3 and G4 SKM transmitters.

Color Code Mics to Match Outfits, Roles, or Frequency

Each sleeve slides over the mic body and features a bright color like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black or white so you can color code however you’d like. Match mic colors to outfits, roles, or frequency – with 8 vibrant options you’ll finally be able to tell mics apart in dim lighting.

Soft Silicone Won’t Scratch Mic Body

These sleeves are made from flexible yet protective silicone that won’t scratch or damage the mic body. Silicone also provides excellent grip so the sleeves stay securely in place even with heavy handling.

Crash-Proof Ring Protects Mic Bottom

A thick silicone ring wraps around the base of each sleeve to protect the delicate bottom edges and switches from bumps and drops. No more scratched edges or broken switches from accidental drops on stage!

Designed Specifically for Sennheiser ew G3 & G4 SKM Mic Transmitters

These sleeves are specially sized to stretch and fit securely over Sennheiser ew 100 G3 and 300 G4 SKM wireless microphone transmitters. They fit snugly without interfering with switches or the operation of the mic.

Great for Both Professionals and Hobbyists

Whether you’re a professional AV tech handling corporate presentations or a musician playing local gigs, mic sleeves are a great affordable way to organize and protect your wireless mics. They also make great accessories for audio/video students or enthusiasts.

Get Your Mic Lineup Color Coded & Protected from Mix-Ups!

Ditch wireless mic mix-ups for good and protect your investment with this budget-friendly 8-pack of silicone sleeves for your Sennheiser ew G3/G4 SKM transmitters. Order a set today and breathe easy knowing every vocalist will grab the right mic every time!

Product Details:

  • Includes 8 silicone sleeves in colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white
  • Made from soft yet durable silicone that won’t scratch mics
  • Thick protective silicone ring on bottom protects from bumps/drops
  • Stretchy material fits snugly over Sennheiser ew 100 G3 & 300 G4 SKM transmitters
  • Lets you easily color code mics to avoid mix-ups backstage
  • Great for professional productions or hobbyist setups
  • Affordable way to organize and protect wireless mics

Why Choose Silicone Sleeves?

Getting wireless mics mixed up is a common problem for vocalists, presenters, musicians, houses of worship, and anyone using multiple wireless mics. Accidentally grabbing the wrong mic usually means you end up with either dead air or loud feedback. It can be a nightmare during live events!

These silicone sleeves solve mix-ups by letting you assign a specific color to each mic. Just like color coding cables and gear, you’ll always know whose mic is whose at a glance. No more mistakes even in dim stage lighting. The thick silicone also protects the fragile bottom and edges from taking damage if dropped.

Clip-on labels can fall off but these silicone sleeves are securely stretched onto the mic body. And they stay in place even with heavy use unlike Velcro bands which can catch on clothes or hair. Plus silicone provides excellent grip and won’t scratch or damage the way cheaper vinyl or PVC sleeves can.

Color Code By Frequency, Role, Outfits, & More

You’re free to color code the sleeves in whatever way works best:

  • Match Colors to Outfits: Assign a sleeve matching the vocalist’s outfit so they always grab the right mic.
  • Map Colors to Frequency: Code the sleeve colors to match wireless frequencies so it’s obvious which mic is in which frequency band.
  • Color By Mic Role: Use red for lead vocal, green for backup vocal, blue for announcements, etc.
  • Color By Stage Position: Use sleeve colors to identify which mic should be stage left versus stage right.

Any system that helps identify mics at a glance can be a lifesaver! No more ugly tape flags that fall off or relying on tiny engraved labels you can barely read in low light.

Get Pro-Level Organization on a Budget!

Avoid headaches and enjoy wireless performances without worrying about mix-ups. With color coded silicone sleeves on your mics, everything will be smoother and more professional.

This organizer pack provides an affordable way to protect and identify your Sennheiser wireless mics. No need to buy more expensive custom engraved mics! Grab a pack today and breathe easy at your next show, event, or presentation.


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