CHAUVET DJ Pro-D6 DMX-512 Dimmer/Switch Pack – Professional LED Light Controller for Maximum Control Over Stage Lighting


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Take complete command of your stage lighting with the CHAUVET DJ Pro-D6 DMX-512 Dimmer/Switch Pack. This professional 6-channel LED light controller gives you ultra-precise dimming and switching capabilities to create captivating lighting looks for events, concerts, dance performances, and more.

Customize Your Lighting with 6 Independent DMX Channels

The Pro-D6 puts the power in your hands with 6 independent DMX-512 control channels. Each channel can be configured as either a dimmer with variable brightness control or a switch to turn lights on/off. Select between square, linear, and switch curves on each channel for customized dimming effects. With 6 zones of separate dimmer/switch control, you can highlight different areas of the stage, set scene changes, and program complex illumination sequences.

DMX-512 Compatibility for Seamless System Integration

This LED controller is DMX-512 compatible for easy integration with lighting consoles, DMX software, and other DMX-controlled fixtures. Simply connect a DMX controller and assign DMX addresses to each channel to begin manipulating lights. The Pro-D6 supports a wide 9VDC-30VDC DMX input for reliable data transmission across long distance runs.

Dual 20A Power Lines for Maximum Capacity

Keep your lighting rig powered up with dual 20 amp power lines. The Pro-D6 requires two separate 20 amp circuits and efficiently allocates 10 amps of power to each channel. With a total max output of 40 amps, this dimmer pack provides the current you need to run multiple high-powered LED par cans, moving heads, and other professional lighting fixtures.

Rugged and Road-Ready Construction

The Pro-D6 is built tough for life on the road. The steel chassis and durable black finish withstand the rigors of frequent loading, transport, and setups. Large heat sinks and smart ventilation keep the dimmer cool and stable during back-to-back events and extended run times. Each channel features auto-resetting circuit breakers to prevent damage from overloads or short circuits.

Simple and Intuitive Control Interface

Programming your lighting scenes is easy with the Pro-D6’s straightforward control panel. Bright LED channel indicators let you see zone levels at a glance. Choose dimmer curves, set DMX addresses, and configure channels as dimmers/switches without complicated menus. This hands-on interface makes the Pro-D6 ideal for on-the-fly adjustments at gigs.

Key Features

  • 6 DMX-512 control channels
  • Each channel user-configurable as dimmer or switch
  • Square, linear, and switch dimming curves
  • 9VDC-30VDC DMX-512 input
  • Dual 20A power lines (10A per channel)
  • Durable steel construction
  • LED channel indicators
  • Auto-resetting circuit breakers
  • Ventilated enclosure for cooling

Take Your Stage Lighting to the Next Level

Elevate your events with professional-grade lighting control using the CHAUVET DJ Pro-D6 Dimmer/Switch Pack. Conveniently dim and switch multiple zones of LED par cans, moving heads, blinders, and more for captivating stage performances. Compact yet powerful, this DMX-512 dimmer integrates with lighting consoles and computer software for dynamic automated shows. Grab the lighting reins with the Pro-D6!

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