CHAUVET DJ GOBOSHOT Compact and Versatile Gobo Projector


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The CHAUVET DJ GOBOSHOT is the perfect compact gobo projector for DJs, bands, events, and mobile entertainers looking to add eye-catching light effects on a budget. This super-compact unit easily fits into any gear bag and projects crisp, vivid gobo patterns up to 15 feet in diameter, ideal for highlighting stages, dance floors, venues, centerpieces, and more.

Versatile Gobo Effects

The GOBOSHOT includes 10 popular holiday gobos to showcase beautiful patterns for any event. Easily change between the included gobos by opening the convenient gobo door on the front of the unit. The gobos feature various holiday and geometric shapes and patterns like snowflakes, pumpkins, ghosts, trees, circles, stars, and more. Use the handy two-way switch to control the rotation speed and direction of the gobo. This allows you to find the perfect placement and movement for the projected image.

Crisp, Vivid Projection

This mini gobo projector utilizes a 50W halogen lamp to produce vivid gobo projections up to 15 feet in diameter. The manual focus allows you to dial in the perfect sharpness on the projected image from distances ranging from 3 to 15 feet. Position it close to the projection surface for a smaller but more saturated image or farther away to increase the size and visibility. Mount it on truss, speaker stands, light stands, ceilings, walls, and more using the double bracket yoke for versatile positioning.

Compact and Convenient

Measuring only 5 inches long and weighing less than 2 pounds, the GOBOSHOT takes up very little space in your gear bag. Power it from any standard AC outlet or link together multiple units to save time running extension cords and cables. The metal construction ensures durability while the compact form factor allows flexible positioning options in any venue. Simply mount, power on, focus the image, and immerse the room in eye-catching ambiance.

Key Features

– Super-compact custom gobo projector

– Includes 10 popular holiday gobos – snowflakes, pumpkins, ghosts, trees, circles, stars, and more

– Easily change gobos with the easy access gobo door

– Control gobo rotation speed and direction with two-way switch

– Manual focus for sharp image from 3-15 feet

– Double bracket yoke for versatile positioning

– Linkable power to connect multiple units

– Durable metal construction

– Weighs less than 2 lbs for easy transport

– 5 inch compact form factor

Create Eye-Catching Ambiance

The CHAUVET DJ GOBOSHOT is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, restaurants, bars, event spaces, theaters, schools, churches, and anywhere you want to create a custom atmosphere. Use it to highlight stages, dance floors, table centerpieces, venues, signs, backdrops, and more. Position multiple linked units around the room to bathe the entire space in your custom gobo patterns.

Entertain and impress your clients with professional light effects on a budget. This gobo projector brings life to any event or occasion when you need to set the mood. Holiday parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraising galas, sweet sixteens, and more all benefit from the ambient lighting.

Simple Yet Powerful

Despite the compact size and budget-friendly price, the GOBOSHOT delivers vivid and distinctive gobo projections perfect for mobile DJs and events. The easy operation and versatile positioning make it simple to create a custom atmosphere anywhere you need eye-catching ambiance.

Just mount the unit, power it on, pop in any included gobo, adjust the focus, and control the rotation with the switch. In minutes, you can transform any space into a magical wonderland of dancing lights and colors. Choose spinning or static gobo projections in small concentrated areas or large 15-foot spreads.


CHAUVET DJ delivers professional yet affordable lighting effects for DJs, bands, event planners, and mobile entertainers. The GOBOSHOT compact gobo projector carries on their tradition of quality and innovation. Get the same high-end gobo effects as more expensive projectors in an ultra-compact housing perfect for mobile use.

Transform your gigs and events without breaking the budget. The GOBOSHOT brings customizable gobo projections together with CHAUVET DJ reliability and performance.

Get Creative with Custom Gobos

The included 10 holiday gobos are just the beginning. You can also create your own custom gobos sized for the GOBOSHOT. Laser print any graphics, logos, text, shapes, and more onto transparency sheets to project eye-catching custom patterns.

Personalize the look for weddings, corporate gatherings, fundraising events, birthdays, and any special occasion by displaying custom gobo projections. Use it to showcase the bride and groom’s names at the reception, the company logo at a product launch, school spirit at a homecoming dance, or anything imaginable.

Affordable Professional Gobo Lighting

The CHAUVET DJ GOBOSHOT brings versatile gobo projection to mobile DJs, bands, and event productions on a budget. Create incredible atmospheres and customize the look of any venue without spending a fortune. Built with CHAUVET DJ quality and reliability, this compact gobo projector will provide years of service for any professional or amateur lighting enthusiast.


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