Ceramic Turtle Ocarina 6 Hole Alto C Key Music Instrument Set of 2 for Beginner Kids – Red & Blue




Add melody and magic to playtime with this charming set of 2 turtle-shaped ceramic ocarinas in red and blue! Handcrafted with 6 finger holes and an alto C tuning, these adorable ocarinas let kids explore the sweet tones and soothing tunes of one of history’s oldest wind instruments.

Whimsical Turtle Shape

Shaped like a smiling sea turtle, these ceramic ocarinas add a touch of whimsy and delight to musical play. Their smooth, rounded turtle shell shape fits comfortably in small hands, making them easy for kids to hold and play. Whether swimming through imaginative coral reefs or basking on the beach, this musical turtle brings cheerful charm anywhere kids go!

Soothing Alto C Tone

Despite their compact size, these ceramic turtle ocarinas produce a rich, mellow alto C tone perfect for playing simple tunes. Covering the 6 finger holes in different patterns lets kids play sweet, sing-song melodies from the moment they pick it up. The alto pitch matches children’s voices, making these turtle ocarinas a great introduction to music making and breath control.

High Quality Ceramic Construction

Crafted from durable, kiln-fired ceramic, these ocarinas offer classic tone and beauty that lasts. Their smooth ceramic finish resists chips and scratches during playtime adventures. Plus, the high quality ceramic construction provides excellent internal acoustics, allowing the ocarina to resonate with full, soothing sound.

Easy to Play 6 Hole Design

Featuring 6 finger holes in an intuitive layout, these cute turtle ocarinas make playing music simple and fun. Covering different hole combinations lets kids joyfully explore a world of melodies. No sheet music or complex techniques needed – just cover the holes and breathe to fill their day with soothing tunes!

Portable Musical Fun

At just 5 inches long and weighing 2.8oz, these petite turtle ocarinas fit perfectly into pockets and backpacks for musical fun anywhere. Their palm-sized shape and lightweight ceramic material make them the ideal musical travel buddy for playdates, trips to the park, camping adventures, and more!

Unique Tone Quality

Unlike factory-made plastic ocarinas, these high quality ceramic turtle ocarinas offer a one-of-a-kind tone with natural variation between each instrument. No two will sound exactly alike due to the handcrafted ceramic construction – making them great for two siblings or friends to play together in harmony.

Perfect for Beginners & Collectors

With their easy 6 hole design and charming turtle shape, these are the perfect first ocarina for a beginner child or parent. Their unique ceramic crafting also makes them a delightful addition to any ocarina collector’s musical menagerie. An instrument that’s as fun to display as it is to play!

Let your child’s creativity soar with the gift of music – order the Ceramic Turtle Ocarina 6 Hole Alto C Set of 2 today!


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