Censtar Headless Guitar 6 String Solid Body Travel Guitar Roasted Maple Neck and Mahogany Body Stainless Steel Frets Guitar 24 Frets Electric Guitar




Feel the freedom of a headless design with the impressive Censtar Headless Guitar. This innovative 6-string electric travel guitar delivers incredible playability and bold, balanced tone in a compact, lightweight design.

Headless Design Perfect for Travel and Performance

The headless design does away with a bulky headstock for a streamlined look. By removing unnecessary mass, the Censtar weighs in at just under 7 pounds for incredible comfort and portability. Take this guitar anywhere without strain or struggle. The contoured mahogany body fits nicely against your body while playing.

Plus, the headless configuration provides perfect balance. Unlike traditional guitars, the weight sits centered on your body for fatigue-free practice, recording, or live playing.

Top-Tier Tonewoods

The Censtar Headless Guitar may be small, but it delivers huge sound. The mahogany body and roasted maple neck provide a dynamic tonal foundation. Mahogany offers richness, resonance and sustain perfect for blues, jazz, rock, metal, and more. The roasted maple adds brightness, clarity, and definition. Together, these tonewoods create balanced sound with tight lows and crisp detailed highs.

An open-coil humbucker pickup placed near the bridge pumps out higher output for driven lead tones. Dial in anything from singing sustain to heavy crunch. A single volume and tone knob make dialing in your sound smooth and simple.

Innovative, Precise Headless Tuning

This headless electric guitar does away with tuning machines in favor of a worm gear-style tailpiece. Each string locks securely into place. Simply turn the gears to precisely tune each string. An included Allen wrench assists with minor adjustments and string changes.

The tailpiece provides excellent tuning stability, so you can play through entire sets without going out of tune. No more struggling with temperamental tuning machines. The Censtar system is fast, accurate, and reliable.

Playability Perfect for All Skill Levels

The Censtar Headless Guitar offers smooth playability to match its bold tones. The neck has a comfortable C-shape profile measuring .81″ at the nut. This makes chording comfortable while still providing room for fleet-fingered soloing. The roasted maple adds silky smooth feel. A 12″ radius fingerboard strikes an ideal middle ground between mellow vintage bendability and ultra-low shredder profiles.

Premium stainless steel frets provide long-lasting usability. Their high polish makes string bending and vibrato effortless. Dot inlays help you quickly find your place, while a 24-fret neck offers expanded upper register access.

Take Your Guitar Anywhere

The compact, minimalist Censtar Headless guitar is designed for portable playing. The lightweight build and included gig bag with neck support strap make this your perfect travel companion. Play unplugged at the beach, woods, or campsite thanks to the guitar’s excellent acoustic resonance.

Use the Censtar for impromptu jam sessions, late night songwriting sessions, or quiet practice anywhere. Don’t let bulky guitars with delicate headstocks hold you back. The rugged Censtar is built for adventure.

Censtar Headless Guitar Features:

  • Lightweight solidbody electric guitar with headless design
  • Mahogany body and roasted maple neck for balanced tone
  • Sleek open-coil humbucker pickup for high output
  • Volume and tone controls for dialing in your sound
  • Worm gear-style tailpiece provides excellent tuning stability
  • Smooth C-shape neck with 12″ radius for great playability
  • 24 stainless steel frets with dot inlays
  • Compact travel-ready size
  • Includes padded gig bag with neck support strap

Unleash your musical creativity with the incredible Censtar Headless Guitar. The unique headless design provides perfect weight balance for playing comfort, while top-tier tonewoods deliver impressive sound.

An innovative tuning system keeps you in tune through marathon sessions. Smooth stainless steel frets facilitate speedy solos or soulful bends with ease. Plus, the compact, lightweight build makes this your perfect musical travel companion.

For impressive tone, comfort, playability, and portability, choose the Censtar Headless Guitar.


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