Casio 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Key Lighting


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Unlock your musical creativity anywhere with the Casio LK-S450 portable keyboard. Loaded with features in a slim, lightweight design, this powerhouse keyboard removes limitations and inspires you to play beyond boundaries.

The responsive 61 full-size keys are touch sensitive, allowing for natural, expressive playing dynamics. The illuminating Key Lighting system visually guides you through lessons, making it easier to learn new songs. Choose from 600 high-quality tones, including stunning pianos, organs, strings, synths and more. 200 built-in rhythms provide accompaniment in any genre. It all comes together to offer seemingly endless creative potential – perfect for improvisation, songwriting, and developing skills.

Touch Sensitive Keys React Like a Piano

Unlike keyboards with simple on/off switches under each key, the LK-S450 detects the pressure you apply to produce soft pianissimo tones or bold fortissimo sounds. You control the dynamics and expression. This realism motivates you to strengthen finger technique and helps build proper playing skills. The 61 full-sized keys are comfortable and responsive for beginners to advanced players alike.

Key Lighting Shows Hand Position for Songs

Learning songs is easier with the illuminated Key Lighting system. As song notes scroll on the LCD display, matching keyboard keys light up to show you where to play. You can adjust the tempo and watch the notes light up until you get the hang of the melody. For most songs, you can disable Key Lighting once memorized. This intuitive system gets you playing sooner, with less reliance on written sheet music.

Versatile Library of 600 Tones and 200 Rhythms

A sonic palette of piano, organ, guitar, brass, strings, synths and more opens creative doors. 200 diverse rhythms provide drum and accompaniment patterns covering pop, rock, jazz, blues, funk, country, salsa, reggae, and many other genres. With so many tones and rhythms onboard, you can instantly capture any musical idea before it escapes you. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Expand Your Options with Chordana Play App

In addition to the built-in sounds and rhythms, USB-MIDI connectivity allows the LK-S450 to interface with Casio’s free Chordana Play app for iOS and Android devices. This unlocks a vast library of additional tones that can be played through the keyboard. Chordana Play also includes tutorials and visual lessons for popular songs, making your practice more productive and fun.

Grab and Go Portability

Weighing under 8 pounds, the LK-S450 keyboard can easily fit into a backpack or gig bag for transport. Battery operation with 6xAA gives you untethered power to play anywhere – up to 12 hours on one set of batteries. Integrated strap pins securely hold a shoulder strap in place. Wherever your inspiration strikes, from the studio to the stage and anywhere between, the portable LK-S450 keyboard lets you make music on the move.

Casio Innovation Sparks Musical Creativity

For over 60 years, Casio has introduced innovative new technologies and features to make playing music more accessible to beginners while satisfying the needs of experienced musicians. The LK-S450 continues that tradition. Let the responsive touch-sensitive keys, illuminating Key Lighting system, diverse built-in tones and rhythms, and sleek portable design remove limitations and spark your creativity. Make any place a performance space with the Casio LK-S450 portable keyboard.


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