Capture Studio Quality Sound with the Versatile USB Microphone Kit


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Upgrade your audio game with the pro-grade USB Microphone Kit. Designed for podcasting, streaming, voiceovers, vocals and instrument recording, this plug-and-play condenser mic delivers superior audio quality with the convenience of direct USB connectivity.

Crisp, Clear Broadcast-Quality Sound

At the heart of this microphone lies a precision-tuned condenser capsule that provides rich, detailed sound across a wide frequency range. The 16mm electret condenser capsule has a tightly controlled cardioid polar pattern that focuses on the sounds right in front of it while minimizing background noise from the sides and rear.

Paired with professional A/D converters and a high-end chipset, the mic captures audio with stunning accuracy. It supports pristine 24-bit/192kHz sampling for nuanced sound. You’ll be blown away by the warmth and clarity in your recordings.

Easy Setup for Any Computer

Connecting to your laptop or PC couldn’t be simpler – just plug the USB cable into your computer and you’re ready to record studio-quality sound. No drivers or complicated software required.

It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux machines. The versatile microphone works seamlessly with all your favorite digital audio workstation software including Audacity, Adobe Audition, Ableton and more. Podcasters will appreciate the instant compatibility with software like Squadcast and Riverside.FM.

Broadcast-Ready Build

Housed in a solid metal construction, the USB microphone is built to go the distance. The heavy zinc alloy base provides stability during recording and broadcast. The steel mesh grill protects the precision capsule from unwanted blasts of air or accidental bumps.

An omnidirectional bracket allows for angle adjustment to achieve the optimal positioning relative to your mouth. A detachable lightweight stand is included for benchtop use. Or remove the stand and mount the mic on a traditional boom arm – the standard threading makes it a breeze.

Game or Stream in Superior Audio

For content creators, elevate your live streams, YouTube productions, and game commentary with enhanced vocal clarity. The crisp, broadcast-like tonality helps your voice stand out from the mix.

Musicians can track demos and record instruments with professional studio sound at home. Podcasters will love the plug-and-play simplicity combined with pristine audio quality for voice recording, interviews and roundtable discussions.

The included foam windscreen minimizes distracting pops and crackles for a smooth, sibilant-free sound. The noise isolation ensures your voice remains the focus.

Next-Level Streaming and Recording

Dial in the sound you deserve with the USB Microphone Kit. The precision-crafted condenser mic delivers stunning detail and accuracy for professional-sounding vocals, speech, and acoustic instrument recording. From your desktop studio to on-the-go recording, this mic uplifts audio quality for podcasts, game streaming, voiceovers and more.


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