Capture Studio-Quality Audio with This Sleek USB Microphone for Content Creation


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Elevate your content creation game with the Metal Condenser USB Microphone, engineered to capture rich, clear audio for podcasts, voiceovers, YouTube videos, music recording, and more. Designed with content creators and audio enthusiasts in mind, this plug-and-play microphone takes your recordings to the next level.

Unparalleled Recording Quality for Vocals and Instruments

At the heart of this USB microphone lies a large 16mm electret condenser capsule that captures intricate audio details with remarkable accuracy. The wide frequency response range of 30Hz-16kHz allows you to record vocals, acoustic instruments, podcasts, voice overs, and any complex audio source while retaining excellent sound quality.

The cardioid pickup pattern focuses on sounds directly in front of the microphone and minimizes background noise. This makes the mic ideal for recording podcasts, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, vocal tracks, and instrumentals in your home studio. The sampling rate of 96kHz surpasses CD quality to produce recordings with clarity and depth.

Plugs into Devices for Instant Recording

Connecting the Metal Condenser USB Microphone to your computer or device is a breeze – no drivers or complex setup required. Simply plug in the attached 6.5ft USB cable to instantly start recording studio-quality audio directly to your PC or Mac.

The microphone is also compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones using the included USB-C cable (lightning or USB-C adapter needed). Easily capture audio in the field for vlogs, interviews, voice memos, and more. Monitor the mic’s output in real-time using headphones connected to your device’s headphone jack.

Convenient Controls at Your Fingertips

The front of the microphone features independent gain control that lets you optimize the volume for any situation. Easily adjust levels on the fly for consistent recording levels. The convenient mute button allows you to quickly mute the mic when needed.

The sturdy and adjustable tripod desk stand included with the Metal Condenser Microphone provides stable and flexible positioning. The integrated shock mount isolates the mic from vibrations and handling noise. You can position the microphone at the perfect angle using the tripod swivel for optimal sound capture.

Premium Build for Reliable Performance

Constructed from solid zinc alloy and finished with a metallic silver finish, the Metal Condenser Microphone has a stylish yet rugged build quality designed for years of use. The heavy triangular base prevents tipping while an internal pop filter minimizes plosives on vocal recordings.

Dual link cables provide expanded connectivity options. Use the 6.5ft USB cable to connect directly to your computer or switch to the USB-C cable to record on your mobile device. The microphone comes complete with a storage pouch for safe portability.

Take Your Recordings to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking to enhance your live streams, improve vocal tracks, capture crisp acoustic instrumentals, or achieve studio-quality recordings at home, the Metal Condenser USB Microphone delivers. With plug-and-play operation, versatile controls, wide compatibility, andbroadcast-grade audio pickup, this mic will become your go-to for content creation.

Key Features:

  • Large 16mm electret condenser for rich, accurate audio capture
  • Cardioid polar pattern minimizes background noise
  • 96kHz sampling rate provides CD-quality audio depth
  • 30Hz-16kHz frequency response captures vocals, instruments, and more
  • Real-time monitoring with 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Independent gain control and mute button
  • Shock-resistant tripod desk stand with adjustable angle
  • Dual link cables (USB & USB-C) for expanded compatibility
  • Plug-and-play operation, no drivers required
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
  • Heavy zinc alloy build with metallic finish
  • Includes protective storage pouch

Elevate the audio quality of your podcasts, vocals, voiceovers, and other recordings with the Metal Condenser USB Microphone. The broadcast-grade condenser pickup and versatile controls deliver professional results with instant plug-and-play connectivity.


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