Capture Professional-Quality Audio Anywhere with the Tascam DR-07X Digital Audio Recorder


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The Tascam DR-07X is the ultimate portable audio recorder for musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, and anyone who needs to capture high-quality audio on the go. With its stylish and compact design, intuitive interface, and powerful recording capabilities, the DR-07X makes it easy to get great-sounding recordings no matter where your projects take you.

Dual Condenser Microphones for Rich, Detailed Recordings

At the heart of the DR-07X are its dual built-in condenser microphones. With high SPL handling and sensitivity, they pick up intricate audio details with precision. The mics are adjustable between A-B and X-Y configurations so you can tailor stereo width and depth for each unique recording environment. Vocals come through with lifelike presence, acoustic instruments resonate with crisp detail, and ambiences are captured in full, vibrant stereo.

Flexible and Intuitive Design Makes Recording a Breeze

The DR-07X sports an updated layout that makes all essential functions readily accessible. Dedicated buttons make it simple to start and stop recording, set level controls, add marks, and more. Menu navigation is easy with the responsive dial and LCD screen. Level meters and input monitoring help you optimize gain staging so you never miss a decibel.

With just two AA batteries, the DR-07X provides up to 17.5 hours of recording time for extended sessions in the field. Or power it via USB mobile battery for the ultimate portable power solution. At just 6.2 ounces, the lightweight DR-07X can slip into a pocket or bag, always at the ready to capture audio when inspiration strikes.

Record and Connect Like a Pro

Designed with professionals in mind but easy enough for anyone to master, the DR-07X has all the connections and features you need for polished results. The 3.5mm input handles external mics with pristine quality, perfect for interviews, acoustic instruments, and detailed field recordings. The stereo line input captures audio from mixers, instruments, and other devices at CD quality.

Transfer recordings wirelessly via Wi-Fi or plug into your Mac or PC’s USB input. The DR-07X seamlessly integrates as a USB audio interface for direct, latency-free monitoring and tracking with your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW).

Key Features

  • Dual condensor microphones with AB/XY flexibility
  • Up to 17.5 hours battery life (2 AA)
  • Records WAV and MP3 formats
  • 3.5mm external mic input
  • Stereo line input
  • USB audio interface capabilities
  • Wi-Fi file transfer
  • 128 x 128 LCD screen
  • Dedicated physical function buttons
  • Tripod mount
  • Overdubbing and punch-in features
  • Onboard effects

Capture the World Around You in Rich Stereo

For musicians, the DR-07X is ideal for songwriting sessions, rehearsals, jam sessions, live performances, and capturing musical ideas as soon as inspiration strikes. The stereo mics add lifelike depth and ambience to vocals and acoustic instruments.

Podcasters will appreciate the DR-07X for its versatility as an all-in-one recording solution. Use it to conduct professional interviews with excellent sound quality.

Filmmakers can utilize the DR-07X on set for recording uncompressed audio to sync with video in post-production. Capture outstanding location sound effects and foley.

For journalists and oral historians, the DR-07X is perfect for documenting interviews, press conferences, and events with clear, detailed audio.

Wherever your passion takes you, capture your world in studio-quality stereo with the Tascam DR-07X. Order yours today and start creating professional recordings that stand out from the crowd.


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