Capture Crystal Clear Audio for Your iPhone Videos with the Movo Wireless Mini DI Duo Lavalier Microphone System


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Looking to take your iPhone videos to the next level with professional grade audio? Introducing the Movo Wireless Mini DI Duo lavalier microphone system – the perfect wireless mic solution for capturing broadcast-ready sound on your iPhone and iOS devices.

This complete iPhone microphone kit includes two clip-on wireless transmitters with built-in microphones to capture two voices, plus a compact receiver that plugs right into your iPhone’s lightning port to record audio directly to your device. Setup takes just seconds – simply attach the mics, pair with the receiver, and start recording studio-quality sound from up to 164 feet away.

Dual Transmitter and Receiver Design Captures Two Voices with Interference-Free Audio

Featuring an ultra lightweight dual transmitter and receiver setup, the Movo Mini DI Duo provides a rock solid wireless connection and crystal clear audio recording for interviews, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, vlogs, and more.

The two included omni-directional clip-on transmitters have professional grade microphone capsules built right in, so you can attach them comfortably to clothing for a handsfree recording experience. No need for bulky transmitters at the belt – these mics are so lightweight and compact you’ll barely notice them.

Each transmitter has one-touch mute functionality, selectable noise cancellation, and a 10 hour battery life so you can record all day long without interrupting to recharge. Their 2.4Ghz transmission communicates seamlessly with the included receiver to provide a stable wireless connection at distances up to 164 feet.

The receiver automatically pairs and syncs with the transmitters as soon as you plug it into your iPhone’s lightning port, so you can start recording high quality audio to your iPhone camera app or video recording app right away with no complicated setup required.

Broadcast-Ready Audio Quality for Professional iPhone Recordings

While your iPhone’s built-in microphone does an decent job capturing audio, it can’t compare to the sound quality of the Movo Mini DI Duo’s professional lavalier microphone transmitter system.

The studio quality capsules on the Mini DI Duo lav mics capture rich, detailed audio with minimal handling noise for interviews, YouTube videos, livestreams, TikTok videos, vlogging, and any other video recording you want to enhance with better iPhone audio.

You’ll hear the difference from the very first recording – voices come through with excellent clarity, sounding full-bodied and natural. The mics pick up vocal nuances with precision, without excessive sibilance or harsh “SH” and “CH” sounds.

The selectable low frequency cutoff filters out rumbling noises like traffic or air conditioners in the background – allowing your voice audio to shine. Noise cancellation further enhances the sound by minimizing any distracting ambient sounds around you.

Whether you’re recording a sit-down interview, a motivational YouTube video, or a cooking tutorial, you’ll love having that crisp, broadcast-ready audio quality that makes viewers feel like they’re in the room with you.

Designed for Content Creators on the Go

From live streaming to shooting video on location, the Movo Mini DI Duo goes where you go for easy audio recording with your iPhone on the move.

Weighing in at just over half an ounce each, the micro transmitters clip comfortably onto clothing with no dangling wires or heavy belt packs to weigh you down. Simply clip them on and forget them while you stay focused on delivering compelling content.

With a wireless range extending up to 164 feet, you have the flexibility to capture great sound whether recording indoors or outdoors, so you’re never limited by the recording environment.

The pocket-sized receiver tucks neatly into a bag or pocket when not in use for portability. With a substantial 10 hour battery life on the transmitters, you can record an entire day of content without recharging.

For YouTube creators, TikTokers, journalists, business professionals, and anyone who wants to take their iPhone video audio to the next level, the Movo Mini DI Duo is the perfect all-in-one wireless microphone kit for creating content with broadcast-ready sound.

Designed with Content Creators in Mind

Movo’s team of engineers designed the Mini DI Duo lavalier microphone system from the ground up with content creators’ needs in mind.

From the mics’ interference-free transmission to their extended wireless range and long battery life, every feature aims to make recording videos, live streams, interviews, and more as seamless as possible for today’s iPhone videography.

The plug and play instant pairing between receiver and transmitters means you can start recording studio-quality sound within seconds of taking the system out of the box. No complex settings to configure before you can capture great audio.

With an ultra compact, lightweight design and simple clip-on mic attachments, the Mini DI Duo goes wherever your shoots take you while staying out of the way. Just clip on the mics and focus on creating compelling content.

And if you ever do need help, Movo’s US-based support team is ready to assist via email or phone, with a 365 day return policy to give you peace of mind.

So take your iPhone audio to the next level and give your viewers an immersive, broadcast-quality listening experience. Capture rich, detailed sound for videos, interviews, voiceovers, and more with the Movo Mini DI Duo wireless lavalier microphone system. Order today!


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