Capture Crystal Clear Audio for iPhone Video with Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphones


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Elevate your iPhone videos with this professional-grade dual wireless lavalier microphone kit. Designed for vlogging, interviews, podcasts, and more, these mini clip-on mics capture clear, natural sound up to 65ft away. Just plug the receiver into your iPhone, iPad, or Lightning port device and start recording studio-quality audio anywhere.

Wireless Design Provides Flexible, Clutter-Free Recording

With their wireless transmission to the receiver, these lavalier mics free you to move naturally during recording. Keep your distance for wide shots without losing sound quality. Walk around while staying connected. Capture audio from two interview subjects simultaneously without tangled wires between them.

The kit includes two mini lapel mics that attach discreetly to clothing. Move freely while the tiny mics pick up your voice, not distracting background noise. Use the wireless range of up to 65 feet indoors or outdoors for live demos, crowd interviews, and on-the-scene reporting.

Plug the receiver into your iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port and start capturing studio-level sound instantly. The auto pairing feature connects the mics and receiver so you can skip complicated setup steps. Spend more time recording great content instead of fiddling with equipment.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

Engineered to isolate your voice from ambient background sound, these mics minimize distracting echoes, wind, and other noise. Dual-channel transmission keeps the audio separate until mixing so you can adjust levels during editing.

The directional pickup pattern focuses on the user’s voice while suppressing surrounding noise. Your words come through crisp and clear, even in crowded environments like convention centers and street festivals.

Real-time auto sync blends and balances the dual microphone audio flawlessly. This professional wireless system delivers polished, synchronized sound immediately with no need for complex post-production work.

Crystal Clear Audio for Professional iPhone Videos

Content creators demand broadcast-quality production – and flawless sound is essential. These wireless lapel mics capture all the warmth and detail of the human voice. The balanced treble picks up subtle nuances while the smooth bass tones prevent muddiness.

From interviews to demos, your iPhone videos will showcase clear narration, podcast dialogue, and singing. The sensitive condenser mics ensure accurate and articulate vocal reproduction. Boost your professional image with the excellent sound quality your viewers expect.

Use these mics for podcasts, vlogs, musical performances, lectures, or any video content. Their universal compatibility also allows them to connect to DSLR cameras, tablets, and laptops with a simple Lightning adapter. One kit provides endless possibilities for improving your sound.

Designed for iPhone – Plug and Play Convenience

With their direct Lightning connector, these mics seamlessly integrate with your iPhone or iPad’s crisp video. Just plug them into the charging port and start filming with no batteries or adapters required. The 8+ hour battery life lets you record all day on a single charge.

The plug and play functionality makes these mics ideal for users of all skill levels. There’s no complex setup or bulky equipment to lug around. Clip on the mics, plug them in, and capture incredible sound within seconds.

As an iPhone-specific design, these mics maximize the audio capabilities built into Apple’s renowned video camera and editing software. Enjoy seamless integration between crystal-clear sound and dynamic 4K video.

Upgrade Your Videos with Pro Wireless Mics

Ensure your iPhone videos make the impact you want with this wireless lavalier microphone kit. Capture professional sound to connect with and inform your audience. Showcase your message without audio distractions and distortions. Create content that demands attention with this versatile, high-quality microphone system.


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