Calming Melodies Wherever You Go with the Flatsons Steel Drum – Play Sweet Music Instantly!


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Discover the magic of the steel tongue drum with this high quality 8-note percussion instrument from Flatsons. Beautifully designed and expertly constructed, this handpan drum lets anyone make music instantly, regardless of musical skill or background.

With its intuitive layout and included mallets, the Flatsons steel drum makes playing your favorite tunes easy and fun. The 8 strategically placed notes on the drum’s durable steel surface create a pentatonic scale in the key of C, allowing you to effortlessly create calming, meditative sounds.

Crafted for Quality, Built to Last

This percussion instrument is constructed from premium alloy steel for maximum durability and resonance. The sleek black finish not only looks great, but also protects against corrosion so you can enjoy making music for years to come.

The notes produce crisp, resonant tones when played with the included pair of mallets or simply tapped with your fingers. The durable build ensures these handpan drums maintain their quality of sound during every practice and performance.

Portable Design, Endless Musical Possibilities

Weighing only 1.76 pounds, the compact 5.5 inch diameter easily fits into the included storage bag. Take your drum anywhere life takes you and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of “drum circle” sessions wherever you are.

The 8 strategically placed notes let you play melodies, layer rhythms, and create ambient soundscapes perfect for meditation and relaxation. With this hand drum, the musical possibilities are endless.

The Perfect Percussion Instrument for All Ages

Adults will love using this steel tongue drum to decompress after a long day, while kids can explore their creativity and develop mind-body coordination as they create music.

The intuitive layout and great resonance makes this percussion instrument ideal for beginners just starting their musical journey. At the same time, the high build quality and versatility provides a satisfying musical experience even for more advanced players.

Product Details:

  • 8 strategically placed notes covering a pentatonic scale in the key of C
  • High quality alloy steel construction with sleek black finish
  • Includes 2 mallets for playing and stored in included storage bag
  • Compact 5.5 inch diameter; weighs only 1.76 lbs

Make Music, Find Serenity with the Flatsons Steel Drum

Tap into the relaxing and rejuvenating power of musical creativity with this well-constructed steel tongue drum. Its quality construction produces resonant tones that promote mindfulness, focus, and joy.

The easy-to-play layout allows you to start making beautiful music right out of the box, whether you want to play alone or with friends and family. Wherever your travels take you, this handpan drum fits easily into the included bag so your percussion instrument is always close at hand.

As an added bonus, the Flatsons steel drum makes a fantastic gift for any music lover, from the novice percussionist to the seasoned drummer looking to add a new dynamic sound to their kit. Share the gift of musical expression with a high quality percussion instrument built to deliver years of playing enjoyment.

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