Briskdrop Dunlop SC95 Slash Cry Baby Wah Pedal Bundle – Blue


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Dunlop SC95 Slash Wah Pedal Bundle

Get the iconic rock wah tone of Slash in one bundled pedal package with the Briskdrop Dunlop SC95 Slash Cry Baby wah. This Slash-approved pedal captures the custom rock wah tone Slash is known for, complete with LED indicators and a hot rod design.

The bundle includes the SC95 pedal along with two high quality instrument cables and a 9V power supply, so you have everything needed to get Slash’s killer wah tone right out of the box. Order now while supplies last!

Custom Slash Wah Tone

The SC95 replicates Slash’s famous throaty, guttural wah tone heard on countless Guns N’ Roses hits. Tuned lower than a standard wah, the SC95 oozes rich, growling rock vocals when engaged.

Based on Slash’s own customized wah pedal, the SC95 captures the same resonance and wide dynamic sweep range that makes his wah so iconic. From dark, muted tones to screaming rock leads, this pedal delivers Slash’s wah voice.

Durable Road-Ready Design

Housed in a rugged die-cast casing, the SC95 is built for the road just like Slash’s own pedal. It can withstand direct stomps and the hard knocks of touring while still dishing out amazing tone night after night.

The heavy-duty treadle stands up to abuse while still giving smooth, responsive wah control under your foot. Bright LEDs indicate when the wah is engaged with cool blue illumination.

Complete Wah Pedal Package

The bundle includes everything you need to start using your SC95 pedal right out of the box:

  • Dunlop SC95 Slash Cry Baby Wah Pedal
  • 2 x 15′ instrument cables
  • Dunlop ECB003 9V adapter power supply

Just provide your own 9V battery or plug in the adapter to ramp up to wailing Slash tones in seconds. No additional cables or power supply needed.

Custom Slash Styling

The SC95 looks as badass as it sounds, decked out in Slash’s signature distressed hot rod paint scheme. Red flames burst from a blue metallic base for killer graphic styling.

Slash’s own signature adorns the pedal along with Dunlop’s fiery badged logo. A customized Cry Baby design caps off the skin with rock and roll attitude.

Take Your Tone Into Overdrive

Add the iconic Slash wah to your pedalboard and enhance your tone with sweet, vocal rock expression. Engage it in front of your overdrive or distortion pedals to make your leads sing with emotion.

From funky rhythms to soaring solos, the SC95 gives you Slash’s go-to wah for elevating your sound. The bundle provides amazing value, supplying cables and power for immediate use.

Rock out with the iconic sound of Slash with the Briskdrop Dunlop SC95 Slash Cry Baby wah bundle. Order now and unleash your inner axe hero!

Product Highlights

  • Captures Slash’s signature guttural rock wah tone
  • Tuned low with wide dynamic sweep range
  • Heavy duty construction for gigging
  • Cool Slash hot rod graphic styling
  • Complete bundle with cables and power supply
  • Everything needed to start rocking right away


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