BOYA BY-M1V6 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System – Capture Professional Audio for Your iPhone Video Content




Elevate your iPhone video content creation with studio-quality audio using the BOYA BY-M1V6 wireless lavalier microphone system. Designed for Apple iOS devices, this intuitive plug-and-play system allows you to easily capture rich, clear audio for videos, live streaming, podcasts, vlogging, interviews, and more.

The BY-M1V6 comes with one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter features an omni-directional mic to pick up sound evenly from all directions. It also has a 3.5mm input for connecting your own professional lavalier mic.

With a wireless range up to 198ft, you can move freely while recording without being tethered to your iPhone. The 2.4GHz signal ensures stable, interference-free transmission for smooth, uninterrupted audio.

Key Features:

– MFi Certified Lightning Connector for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
– Built-in Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
– 3.5mm Input for External Lavalier Microphone
– 7 Levels of Gain Adjustment
– Mono/Stereo Output Switching
– Noise Cancellation Button
– One Touch Mute Button
– 198ft Wireless Range
– Up to 6 Hours Battery Life Per Full Charge

Capture Rich, Broadcast-Quality Sound

Say goodbye to lackluster built-in iPhone mics. The BOYA BY-M1V6 lav mic faithfully reproduces source audio with stunning depth and clarity.

The transmitter’s omni-directional condenser mic excels at picking up crisp vocals and ambient sound during interviews, podcasts, lectures, and more. Enable stereo mode to retain the nuances of the soundscape with lifelike realism.

For solo voice recording, mono mode delivers focused vocal reproduction that cuts through any background noise. This makes it ideal for vocal-centric videos like vlogs, live streams, voiceovers, and instructional content.

The receiver even has a 3.5mm mic input, so you can connect your high-end lavalier or clip-on mic to take your productions to the next level. Get that prized headphone-quality sound directly on your videos.

Hassle-Free Wireless Convenience

Tired of dealing with messy cables while shooting videos? The BOYA BY-M1V6 wireless microphone liberates you to move untethered, letting you capture footage spontaneously and naturally.

Connect the transmitter to your iPhone and clip the receiver on your talent up to 198ft away. The long wireless range means you can shoot anywhere while monitoring and recording audio.

The transmitter and receiver automatically pair together instantly. Hassle-free and quick to set up!

With up to 6 hours of operating time per full charge, you can record an entire production on one go without disruptive battery changes. For extra convenience, the receiver draws power directly from your iPhone.

Designed for Noise-Free Audio

Interference and ambient sounds often compromise recording quality. Not with the BOYA BY-M1V6.

Engage the noise cancellation button to actively filter out unwanted sonic distractions from the surroundings. This lets you harvest the subject’s voice loud and clear.

When switching between scenes, simply press the mute button to turn off transmission without removing the lav mic. Resume recording instantly when needed.

The 2.4GHz wireless technology delivers a stable, anti-interference signal that won’t drop outs or degrade, giving you fuss-free long range performance.

Transform Your iPhone into a Pro Video Rig

Make your iPhone rival expensive professional cameras for video production quality with the BOYA BY-M1V6 wireless mic system.

Whether you’re just starting out with YouTube vlogs orshooting a professional commercial, unmatched audio clarity will make your videos shine.

Use it to:

– Vlog your travel adventures with rich on-site audio
– Record flawless interview or podcast sound
– Create engaging live streams and webinars
– Capture immersive ASMR, food or product sounds
– Produce brilliant vocal-driven videos
– And much more!

With the BY-M1V6, pro-level audio is now easily within reach. Order the BOYA BY-M1V6 wireless lav microphone system today to transform your iPhone into an audio and video powerhouse!


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