Bogner Ecstasy Red Mini Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Experience the iconic Bogner Ecstasy overdrive tone in a compact pedal format with the Bogner Ecstasy Red Mini. Loaded with versatile gain shaping options in a rugged, stage-ready chassis, this little red ripper brings full-sized Bogner grind and singing sustain to your pedalboard.

From subtle early breakup to saturated screaming leads, the Ecstasy Red Mini overdrive serves up the dynamic, responsive high gain tone Bogner is revered for. Derived from the legendary Ecstasy amp channel, this pedal packs an astounding range of articulate crunch and singing sustain into a road-ready stompbox.

Shape Your Sound
Tone tweaking controls give you command over every aspect of the gain profile. Dial in anything from sweet, tube-like overdrive to blistering metal fury. Active BMT controls independently shape bass, midrange, and treble frequencies while a powerful pre-EQ switch tailors the overall voicing.

Responsive and Expressive
The unique Varian load reactive circuit adds touch sensitivity for dynamic bloom and compression. It interacts with your playing to cleanup and saturate in a very amp-like way. Chords bloom with complexity, single notes sing with sustain. From clean boost to saturated lead tones, this pedal reacts and rewards.

Legendary Bogner Tones
Based on the modern high-gain Ecstasy channel of Bogner’s flagship Uberschall amp, the overdrive tones cover a wide spectrum. From early breakup rhythms to soaring, harmonically rich leads, this pedal brings world-class Bogner quality to the stage or studio.

Dialed-In Controls
Shape your tone with the following parameters:

Gain – Sets the overall amount of overdrive, from clean boost to heavy saturation.

Volume – Controls the output level. Powerful EQ may reduce output when shaping tone.

Bass – Boost or cut low frequencies +/- 12dB. Active for increased precision.

Middle – Boost or cut midrange frequencies +/- 12dB. Tuned for rich mids.

Treble – Boost or cut high frequencies +/- 12dB. Accentuate attack and cut.

Pre-EQ Switch – Tailors the pedal’s overall voicing for different amps and tunings.

Varian Switch – Alters the dynamic feel and compression characteristics.

Road Ready Construction
The Mini format offers stage-worthy construction in a compact size. It can fit on crowded pedalboards or easily throw in a gig bag. The rugged metal housing stands up to real world use and abuse. Internal circuitry is protected against noise and interference.

Guitarist-Friendly Format
Despite its small size, no compromises were made on usability and tone. It features a standard 1/4” input, 9V power jack, and true bypass switching for maximum signal integrity when disengaged. The three-knob layout makes it intuitive to dial in signature tones.

Bogner Sound Quality
Experience the Bogner difference in a pedal. This overdrive captures the soulful, touch-sensitive dynamic response that has made Bogner amps legendary among tone connoisseurs worldwide. From world-class sound quality to road-proven reliability, this pedal meets Bogner’s uncompromising standards.

Take Command of Your Overdrive
The Ecstasy Red Mini distills Bogner’s cutting-edge modern high-gain amp tones into an overdrive pedal that puts premium tube-amp inspired distortion at your feet. Whether using for a foundational crunch rhythm or searing solo, this versatile pedal rewards you with responsive, richly saturated tones.


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