BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels – Premium Noise Reduction for Homes, Studios & Offices


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Reduce unwanted noise and create an oasis of peace and quiet in your home, studio or office with BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels. Expertly engineered using high-density polyurethane foam, these acoustic panels effectively absorb sound to transform noisy spaces into havens of silence.

Premium Noise Absorbing Materials

At the core of the BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels’ exceptional noise reduction capabilities is the premium high-density polyurethane foam. With a density rating of 25kg/m3, the open cell foam structure effectively traps sound waves rather than reflecting them. This results in less reverberation and echo for dramatically improved acoustics.

The panels feature a distinct wedge shape that increases the surface contact area between the foam and sound waves. This innovative 3D design maximizes sound absorption across a wide frequency range. From loud voices to powerful bass, these acoustic foam panels noticeably reduce noises that are often difficult to control.

Safe, Odorless and Non-Toxic

In addition to being highly effective at controlling sound, the BlingCnsy Wall Panels are specially formulated to be safe for homes and workplaces. The materials used are certified eco-friendly as well as odorless and non-toxic. No harmful gases are emitted from the foam, making it completely safe to breathe and touch.

The panels are self-extinguishing and meet flammability standard CMVSS 302, providing peace of mind and reducing fire risk. Rest assured the BlingCnsy Wall Panels will make your space quieter while also keeping it safer.

Easy Peel and Stick Application

Installing the BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels to start enjoying their noise reduction benefits couldn’t be easier. The back of each panel is coated with a powerful adhesive for a peel and stick application requiring no tools, no mess and no hassle.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean and dry the mounting surface
  2. Peel away the adhesive backing to reveal the sticky surface
  3. Press the panel firmly into place
  4. Use included seam tape for gapless installation

The panels can be installed on virtually any common surface, including drywall, concrete, glass, wood and metal. Their low profile wedge design allows them to be installed flush and helps them blend into any décor seamlessly.

Transforms Noisy Spaces

The BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels are perfect for homeowners wanting to reduce noise from home theaters, loud kids or pets. Musicians love using them in home studios to capture crisp, clean recordings. Office workers enjoy the focused atmosphere they create.

Wherever excess noise is an issue, these acoustic foam panels provide an easy solution:

  • Home theaters
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Studios
  • Man caves
  • Recording studios
  • Control rooms
  • Drum practice rooms

The panels are available in a convenient 6 pack, providing coverage for an approximately 12 sq. ft. area. Mix and match for customized noise control throughout any space.

Sleep Soundly with BlingCnsy

Why tolerate excessive noise ruining your home comfort and damaging productivity? Take control with BlingCnsy Soundproof Wall Panels. Expertly engineered using premium materials, they’re a simple solution for reducing noise in residential, office and studio settings.

Experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with your risk-free purchase today. If you have any issues, contact us for a replacement or refund.


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