Black Lion Audio Auteur DT Vintage Style Single Channel Desktop Microphone Preamp with USA Made Output Transformer


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Capture the true tone and texture of your vocals or instruments with the Black Lion Audio Auteur DT single channel desktop microphone preamp. This compact and rugged preamp packs the warmth and character of vintage tube preamps into a reliable solid state design perfect for home studios.

Vintage Style Warmth with Modern Reliability

The Auteur DT preamp features a modern low noise front end designed to capture all the subtleties and nuances of your sound. The signal then flows into a hand wired USA made output transformer for rich harmonics and a vintage style saturation. Get that sought after analog warmth without the hassle of noisy tubes or aging components.

Flexible Connectivity for Any Recording Situation

The Auteur DT includes both XLR mic and 1/4″ hi-Z instrument inputs so you can connect either a dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphone or plug in your electric guitar, bass, or electronic keyboard. Use the positive locking buttons to enable 48V phantom power for condenser mics, a -20dB pad for loud sources, phase inversion to correct mic polarity issues, and the hi-Z input. The balanced 1/4″ TRS line output connects to any audio interface, mixer, or monitor system.

Classic VU Metering for Perfect Levels

With 60dB of clean gain and up to 80dB with the pad engaged, the Auteur DT can amplify nearly any microphone or instrument to professional recording levels. Keep levels in the sweet spot using the backlit analog VU meter calibrated to industry standards. The striking vintage styled faceplate would look great on any desktop or studio rack.

Warm and Smooth Analog Sound

While digital recording brings incredible editing flexibility, the harsh sterile sound leaves some musicians longing for the earthy grit of analog. The Auteur DT enriches your digitally recorded tracks with the sound and feel of classic tube preamps. From subtle tape-like saturation to more prominent hard-clipping overdrive, you get the analog mojo you crave.

Transparent Modern Performance

Beneath the vintage exterior lies a modern low-noise front end that captures every subtle nuance before the output transformer. This preserves the articulation and detail of your vocal or instrument performance without dulling the sound like some vintage preamp reproductions. You get the best of both worlds – tube warmth with modern transparency.

Compact and Portable Design

The Auteur DT packs into a rugged and portable 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 inch desktop chassis that’s perfect for home studios and mobile rigs. Just add your favorite microphone and interface and you have a complete vocal or acoustic recording chain. The compact retro design looks great on any desk or tabletop.

Made in the USA Quality

Proudly designed and assembled in the USA, the Auteur DT boasts extremely high build quality and attention to detail. The military-grade PCBs and hand wired audio circuits deliver rock solid performance for years of flawless service. A 5 year transferable warranty provides additional peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Vintage style warmth and saturation from USA made output transformer
  • Crystal clear modern front end captures every detail
  • XLR Mic and 1/4″ Hi-Z inputs, 1/4″ TRS balanced line out
  • 60dB gain with up to 80dB gain with pad engaged
  • +48V phantom power, -20dB pad, polarity invert, and Hi-Z buttons
  • Analog VU metering for perfect level setting
  • Compact and portable desktop design
  • Made in the USA build quality

Take Your Recordings Back to the Golden Age of Analog

In the era of digital perfection, the Auteur DT preamp provides welcome analog imperfection. Rediscover the organic sound and punchy warmth of tube preamps without the hassle. Transform your sterile digital tracks into vibrant vintage productions.

Give Vocals Rich Harmonic Texture

Vocals recorded through the Auteur DT obtain the silky sheen and complex harmonics of classic tube preamps. The output transformer enriches the midrange with musically pleasing saturation that flat digital recordings lack. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless vocals.

Direct Injection Organic Guitar Tones

For direct recording of electric guitar and bass, the Hi-Z input captures your instrument’s natural dynamic response and punchy attack. The transformer saturation fattens up the tone with tube-like breakup and compression when you dig in.

Flatter Your Acoustic Instrument’s Natural Sound

The Auteur DT preamp doesn’t color the tone like tubes, preserving the true voice of your acoustic guitar, upright bass, violin, saxophone, clarinet or flute. You just get extra richness, body and sheen from the output transformer – like an instant high-end vintage mic preamp.

Give Keyboards and Synths Warm Analog Character

Electronic keyboards and synth modules sound bigger and more analog run through the Auteur DT. The output transformer adds pleasing girth and harmonics that makes digital instruments more analog-like. You can even overdrive the preamp for crunchy distortion.

Compact Enough for Any Home Studio

The Auteur DT’s low profile desktop design fits into even the most cramped home studio setup. Measuring just 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches, it leaves you more room for monitors, MIDI keyboards, and other studio essentials. The rugged metal construction means it can handle being moved and transported.

Compared to bulky vintage preamps, the Auteur DT provides true analog sound in a reliable and portable design perfect for home and project studio users on a budget. Discover the colorful magic of transformer saturation without the high price or maintenance of real tube preamps.


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