Big Fat Snare Drum – Steve’s Donut 14″ Drum Dampener for Unmatched Sound Control


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Get that Iconic Fat Snare Sound, Easy to Install and Remove

The search for the perfect snare drum sound is a lifelong quest for drummers. Getting a fat, beefy, cracking snare sound can be elusive, requiring just the right drum, head, tuning, muffling and technique. Enter the Big Fat Snare Drum – Steve’s Donut. This innovative 14″ dampener gives your snare drum the iconic fat, thuddy, punchy sound you’ve been chasing, with no permanents mods needed.

The BFSD is easy to install and remove, giving you ultimate control over your snare sound. Slip it on and off in seconds thanks to the rubberized grip and thumb cutout. Dial in just the right amount of dampening to take the overring and excess fuzz out of your snare sound. Get fat, beefy tone at lower volumes for practice. Cut through the mix with a thunderous crack at higher volumes. The Steve’s Donut delivers the versatility you need from a premium snare dampener.

How the Steve’s Donut Fattens Your Snare Tone

The Big Fat Snare Drum lives up to its bold name. The Steve’s Donut model uses a proprietary lightweight foam blend to enhance low-end thump and attack, without deadening the drum. The 14″ diameter size covers just the right area on your batter head to lower the overall fundamental pitch. This lets you retain crispness and articulate ghost notes, while boosting low-end punch.

Gone is the overly muffled, choked sound you get from drum tape or gel pads. The Steve’s Donut allows the drum to resonate naturally, just with less overring and more control. The result is the fat, beefy, thuddy crack drummers strive for in a quality snare bat. It’s all achieved without permanently modifying your drum or sacrificing tone.

Unlock Iconic Snare Sounds with Total Control

If you want the power to shape your snare sound, the Steve’s Donut grants it. Remove the dampener for wide-open, ringy tones. Place it halfway on the head for moderate dampening. Cover the whole batter area for maximum thump and low-end boost.

The Steve’s Donut puts no limits on the iconic snare sounds within your reach. Go for a vintage ’70s dead-snare thud. Dial in the tight, funky snap of an R&B hit. Fatten up the crack for metal and rock. Control wire or cable snares to cut down buzz and ring. The Steve’s Donut even lets you take down the volume for quiet practice while retaining the core of your sound.

Engineered for Quick Changes & Secure Placement

Changing your snare sound in the middle of a gig is a breeze with the Steve’s Donut. The thoughtful design allows for quick changes to accommodate different tunes, styles or volumes. Just lift the integrated handle, slide the Donut off and place it back on in seconds.

The proprietary rubberized grip material prevents slipping, even on glossy snare batters. It mates securely during use without leaving a sticky residue behind. The flat profile provides even contact and dampening across your entire batter head.

An offset thumb cutout makes one-handed placement and removal easy. Just push down and lift out when you want to switch up your snare vibe. Weighing just 0.65 lbs, the Steve’s Donut won’t choke your snare wires or throw off your drum’s feel and sensitivity.

Dial in Your Sound with the Steve’s Donut from Big Fat Snare Drum

Take your snare tone into your own hands with the Steve’s Donut – part of the Big Fat Snare Drum dampener lineup. Achieve the focused, fat snare tone you want without hassles. Choose from multiple Donut sizes to match your specific snare bat diameter.

BFSD’s innovative, patented design is proudly hand-assembled in the USA. Get the best in sound, quality, and easy control with the Steve’s Donut. Order now and unlock the beefy, thuddy snare sound you’ve been missing!


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