Behringer TM300 Tube Amp Modeler Guitar Effects Pedal


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Shape your guitar tone with the Behringer TM300, an advanced multi-effects pedal that recreates iconic tube amp tones.

Model Legendary Amps

Onboard amp modeling accurately emulates classics like Vox, Marshall, and Fender. Dial in British crunch, American clean, and more.

Built-In Effects

10 effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, and reverb are ready to add dimension to your tone. Tweak with controls right on the pedal.

4 Memory Buttons

Store your favorite amp/FX combinations in 4 programmable buttons for instant access during gigs.

Connect to PC

Use the USB port to connect to your computer and download new amp models and effects from Behringer’s online library.

Dial in Your Sound

An LED display with rotary encoder makes it easy to select amps and effects and customize settings quickly.

Shape tone beyond imagination with the TM300’s fusion of real analog tone and digital modeling. Recapture classic guitar sounds or create modern textures — the tonal possibilities are virtually endless.


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