Audio-Technica AT2020USBXP Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone


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The Audio-Technica AT2020USBXP brings superior digital audio capture directly to your computer for incredible sound quality while streaming, podcasting, voiceovers, and content creation.

Pristine Studio-Quality Recording

At the heart of this USB microphone lies a high-precision cardioid condenser capsule to provide rich, detailed vocal and acoustic reproduction. The tight polar pattern minimizes background noise for clear, articulate sound.

Paired with a high-resolution A/D converter that supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz sampling, the AT2020USBXP captures audio with remarkable realism and depth. The smooth, extended frequency response is ideal for capturing the nuances and subtleties of any performance.

You’ll be amazed by the natural tonality, presence, and clarity in your recordings. This is the broadcast-quality sound you’ve been searching for.

Real-Time Monitoring

A built-in headphone jack allows you to hear your sound in real-time without latency or delay. It features a high-output amplifier so you can adjust monitoring levels on the fly using the integrated volume control.

Mix your microphone signal with computer audio inputs for total control while recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceovers, and more. The crisp, vibrant monitoring ensures your tracks sound amazing.

Streamlined Desktop Recording

Connecting to your Windows or Mac computer is effortless using the built-in USB output. No drivers or installation required. Just plug in the AT2020USBXP and you’re ready to capture studio-quality sound.

The mic is compatible with all your favorite digital audio workstation software. Podcasters will love the seamless integration with programs like Squadcast, Riverside.FM, and more. Go from zero to broadcast-ready in seconds.

Sleek, Durable Design

Housed in a rugged metal construction, the AT2020USBXP is built to deliver flawless performance broadcast after broadcast. The steel mesh grill protects the high-precision capsule from unintentional blasts and bumps.

A mix control knob allows you to smoothly dial in just the right blend of microphone and computer audio. Capacitive mute and volume buttons provide silent, seamless control. The elegant design looks great on any desktop.

Enhance Your Content

For streamers, YouTubers, podcasters, and voice actors, the AT2020USBXP mic takes your productions to the next level with the warm, nuanced sound of a high-end studio condenser. Vocals are fuller, richer, and more professional.

Musicians can rely on the pristine digitized sound to capture acoustic instruments, amps, and vocals with lifelike realism. Add studio-polish clarity to demos and tracks. This versatile microphone has all your needs covered.

Superior Digital Vocal Recording

Equip your home studio with broadcast-quality sound using the Audio-Technica AT2020USBXP USB condenser microphone. The precision cardioid capsules and high-resolution A/D converters capture all the warmth, presence and intricate details of any performance. Perfect for podcasts, voiceovers, live streaming, vocals and instruments.


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