ART DualZDirect Dual Professional Passive Direct Box – Split and Balance 2 Signals


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Send clear, noise-free signals from instruments, amps or mixers to a PA or recording system with the ART DualZDirect dual passive direct box. Featuring two channels in a single unit, the DualZDirect splits and converts unbalanced high-impedance signals into balanced, low-impedance outputs.

High-Performance Transformer Design

At the heart of the DualZDirect are two high quality transformers, one per channel. The custom-wound transformers provide linear frequency response and excellent isolation. Just connect your instruments or other audio sources to convert the signals for balanced XLR or 1/4″ TRS outputs.

Passive Design Needs No Battery

The DualZDirect utilizes a completely passive design with no battery required. The transformers operate purely through the signal path for no-hassle operation. Just plug in and it works immediately with no setup or power connections needed.

Convert Signals for Balanced Outputs

The DualZDirect converts each unbalanced 1/4″ TS input into both a low-Z balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS output simultaneously. This allows you to send the balanced signal to two destinations at once, like a mixer and recorder.

It transforms the high 50k ohm impedance input into a low 600 ohm balanced signal to reduce noise over long cable runs. Hum and interference is minimized for clean, clear sound.

Versatile Signal Optimization

A variety of switches on each channel let you optimize the signal for your particular source and system:

– Input Attenuation – Attenuate the input signal in increments of 0dB, -20dB or -40dB. Prevent overloading of sensitive equipment.

– Low-Cut Filter – Filter out unwanted low frequencies like stage rumble.

– Phase Invert – Flip the phase 180 degrees to correct polarity issues.

– Ground Lift – Completely isolate the input from the output ground to eliminate hum and buzz.

Simultaneous XLR and 1/4″ TRS Outputs

The DualZDirect provides both XLR and 1/4″ TRS balanced outputs on each channel. Send the signal to two destinations like a PA system and recorder simultaneously without a splitter.

TRS outputs allow connecting to balanced 1/4″ inputs on mixers, recorders and other equipment. XLR outputs work with XLR mic or line inputs.

Rugged Steel Construction

The DualZDirect features a rugged 16-gauge steel chassis to withstand the rigors of transportation and stage use. The all-metal construction isolates the transformers from interference.

Large rubber feet prevent sliding and vibration. The 1/2 rack size fits easily on a pedalboard or next to other gear.

Key Features

– Two channel passive direct box converts unbalanced to balanced signals

– High quality transformers provide excellent isolation

– Passive design needs no battery or power source

– Attenuation, filter, phase & ground lift optimize signal

– Balanced XLR & 1/4″ TRS outputs on each channel

– Rugged all-steel chassis and protective metal faceplate

Take Control of Your Live and Studio Sound

Getting clean, noise-free signal to the PA or recording system is critical for great live and studio sound. Butlong cable runs and interference can ruin your tone before it even hits the mixer.

The ART DualZDirect lets you take control over your sound by converting and splitting your signal right at the source. Send the optimized, noise-free outputs to the PA, recorders, pedalboard FX loops and more.

For professional balancing, splitting and signal control right where you need it, the ART DualZDirect is an essential tool for gigging musicians, recording artists, and anyone wanting better sound.


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