Antelope Audio Edge Note Small Diaphragm Condenser Modeling Microphone Pair


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Capture Studio-Quality Vocals, Instruments, and More with Antelope Audio’s Flagship Large Diaphragm Modeling Microphone Pair.

The Antelope Audio Edge Note microphone pair ushers in a new era of flexibility and premium studio sound for home studio owners, project studio engineers, musicians, podcasters, and content creators. Powered by Antelope’s groundbreaking modeling technology, these mics recreate the precise sonic signatures of an array of vintage microphones right inside your DAW.

With the flip of a switch, you can recreate the smooth airy top end of a vintage Neumann U87, the punchy midrange of an AKG C414, or the silky richness of a Telefunken ELAM 251—all with the same microphone. This modeling is done in real-time with Antelope’s FPGA effects on their interfaces for latency-free monitoring. Or you can simply use the raw sound of the Edge Note’s pristine condenser capsules running directly into your interface.

Unmatched Versatility for Pro-Quality Recordings

The Edge Note mics are all about giving you options. Their compact form factor and understated matte black finish let them blend into any recording scenario from home studios to commercial spaces. Optimized for Antelope’s discrete pres, they also work flawlessly with any 3rd party interface.

Ample headroom and the -10/-20dB pad ensure you can track the loudest sources like drums, guitar amps, and brass instruments without distortion. The cardioid polar pattern provides excellent isolation too. Vocals come through clear and focused, while rejecting unwanted room noise and bleed.

Whether you need silky smooth acoustic guitar, soaring vocals, punchy podcast dialogue, or crisp percussion, the Edge Note condensers capture every nuance in stunning detail. They have the transparent, natural sound needed for acoustic instruments, yet remain clean and strong on louder sources.

Classic Mic Emulations for Vintage Tone

The Edge Note’s mic modeling lets you emulate these legendary vintage microphones:

Neumann U87 – The smooth, airy top end of this studio staple works wonders on vocals and acoustic instruments. Its boosted 10kHz range adds shimmer without harshness.

AKG C414 – The mid-focused C414 adds punch and articulation to any source. Its scooped lows and highs highlight the attack and clarity of guitars, drums, and vocals.

Telefunken ELAM 251 – The silky richness of this coveted classic vocal mic complements male and female voices. Its enhanced low-mids sound amazing on acoustic guitars too.

RCA 44 – The vintage RCA 44 DX adds huge low-mid resonance for powerful rock vocals or narration. Its signature proximity effect also sounds killer on guitar and bass amps.

Sony C800G – With an ultra-fast transient response, the C800G excels on percussion and other fast-attack instruments. It’s ideal for drum overheads, pianos, and acoustic guitars.

Whether you need a silky tube mic sound or crisp modern condenser tone, the Edge Note has you covered. And you can easily A/B test different mic models on the fly until you find the perfect sound.

Premium Condenser Capsules for Raw Natural Sound

At their core, the Edge Note mics utilize Antelope’s proprietary hand-tuned condenser capsules. Their tight 8 micron diaphragm yields fast transient response with exceptional detail across the entire frequency spectrum. You get the realism needed for professional recordings.

Without any modeling, the raw sound captures your tracks cleanly and accurately. There’s no harshness or strident peaks – just a natural studio-quality sheen even on the most demanding sources. The Edge Note’s flat, uncolored sound gives your mix engineer the most flexibility in post-production too.

Designed for Reliable Performance

Constructed from durable brass and steel, the Edge Note mics can take whatever your studio dishes out. Their custom condenser capsules ensure reliable performance session after session. And with Antelope’s 5-year international warranty, you get peace of mind that your investment is protected.

As Antelope’s flagship all-purpose condenser mics, the Edge Note modeling microphone pair offers stellar versatility in one powerful package. Recreate vintage mic magic or capture clear natural tone – the choice is yours. For home recordists and working pros alike, these mics unlock premium studio sound.


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