AMT Legend amps Guitar Preamp Pedal – Versatile Tube Amp Tones for Guitarists


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Unleash iconic Engl tube amp tones with the AMT Legend amps Guitar Preamp pedal, meticulously crafted to emulate Engl’s renowned high-gain tube sound in a compact stompbox. Built for guitarists who want studio-grade tube preamp tones anywhere, this powerful preamp pedal delivers dynamite crunch and fluid sustain perfect for stage and studio.

Tube Preamp Tones from Iconic Engl Amps

At the heart of this pedal lies AMT’s meticulous modeling of two legendary Engl amps highly prized for their rich overdriven tones. The “Brown” channel captures the warm crunch and singing sustain of the Engl Powerball MKII while the “Orange” channel emulates the Fireball’s brawny distortion and articulate note separation.

Dial in anything from sparkling clean tones to searing metal distortion. Shape your sound with controls for gain, tone, and master volume. This compact preamp pedal truly captures the experience of playing through high-end Engl tube amp heads, freeing you from complex amp rigs.

Flexible Connectivity for Studio and Live Use

The AMT Legend amps preamp pedal offers extensive connectivity options that make it ideal for recording direct, going ampless live, or integrating into your existing amp setup.

The CAB SIM OUT provides realistic speaker emulation for recording directly to your audio interface or mixing board. Use the PREAMP OUT into your guitar amp’s FX return for sculpting your amp’s tone. For live use, connect the DRIVE OUT to a power amp and cabinet for ready-to-gig tube tones.

Use all three outputs simultaneously for the ultimate flexibility. Craft your core preamp tone while sending a wet signal for recording and a dry tone to your stage amp. External cab sims can be connected to the PREAMP OUT for additional tonal options.

Footswitchable Channels with Independent Voicings

The two footswitchable channels are voiced independently, allowing you to set up distinct tones for clean and high-gain. Boost your cleans with the included clean boost knob exclusive to the green channel.

When bypassed, the pedal’s transparent buffered bypass retains your core guitar tone. Active EQ-ing tailors your bypassed tone with Level, Bright, and Mid knobs. Make on-the-fly adjustments to sit perfectly in the mix.

Built for Gigging Guitarists

The AMT Legend amps preamp pedal is built to handle the rigors of touring while delivering premium tube tones night after night. The lightweight yet road-tough chassis ensures reliability.

Powered via 9v DC power supply or battery, the pedal’s ultra low-noise circuit offers pristine audio quality and low power consumption. The intuitive control layout allows quick tone changes on dark stages. An LED indicates when the effect is engaged.

Unlock Studio-Grade Tone for Less

Premium Engl tube preamp tones that would cost thousands are now available in a compact pedal designed for working guitarists. Whether you want to record tube tone direct, convert to ampless gigging, or integrate into your existing amp setup, the AMT Legend amps preamp pedal delivers iconic Engl crunch in a gig-ready unit.

Key Features:

  • Models iconic Engl Powerball MKII and Fireball tones
  • Two footswitchable channels with independent settings
  • CAB SIM OUT for studio recording and direct sound
  • PREAMP OUT for using with guitar amp FX return
  • DRIVE OUT for ampless live rigs into power amp + cab
  • 3-band active EQ for dialing in bypassed tone
  • Green channel clean boost for sparkling cleans
  • Ultra low-noise circuitry for pristine audio
  • Lightweight but robust construction
  • Intuitive control layout for quick tone changes
  • 9v DC power supply or battery powered

For guitarists seeking studio-grade Engl tube preamp tones in a compact, gig-ready pedal, the AMT Legend amps preamp is the ultimate tool. Experience the rich sustain and authoritative crunch that makes Engl amps legendary, anywhere your music takes you.


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