American DJ 1300W Heavy Duty Smoke Machine w/ Wireless Remote – Create Atmospheric Lighting Effects for Parties, Concerts, & Photoshoots


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Immerse your next party, concert, or photoshoot in atmospheric lighting effects with the American DJ 1300W heavy duty smoke machine. This powerful 1300 watt fogger machine quickly fills rooms and venues with a dense, lingering fog to spotlight beams of light and lasers. Equipped with a wired and wireless remote control, you can conveniently activate thick plumes of smoke from across the room or stage.

Whether you need a smoke machine for a rave, nightclub, Halloween party, or professional photoshoots, this high-powered DJ fogger machine delivers bold, full coverage. The 1 liter tank capacity provides 30 minutes of continuous fog output, ideal for medium to large rooms and venues. For extended smoke sessions, simply refill the removable tank with water-based fog juice (included in this bundle).

Engineered for reliability, this professional-grade fog machine features a high-efficiency 1300 watt heater and Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) to maintain optimum heating levels. The low fluid shut-off sensor prevents pump damage by automatically turning off the unit when the tank runs empty. A durable polycarbonate housing withstands rigorous transport and operation.

Create Instant Atmosphere & Highlight Lighting Effects

Transform any space or stage into an atmospheric wonderland with thick, swirling fog. Easily fill venues up to 18,000 cubic feet for weddings, parties, concerts, and events. The dense, long-lasting smoke accentuates laser lights, moonflowers, strobes, and intelligent lighting fixtures. Use fog to create moody beam effects or highlight performers on stage.

Versatile for Any Occasion

From raves to weddings, this versatile fog machine creates instant atmosphere for:

  • Nightclubs & bars
  • Halloween mazes & haunted houses
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Raves & dance clubs
  • Outdoor events & ceremonies
  • Photography & cinematography
  • Theatrical productions

The wireless remote allows DJs and lighting techs to activate fog from anywhere in the venue. Take this portable unit on the road to enhance your events.

Set the Stage with Professional-Grade Reliability

Engineered with durable components and safety features, this fog machine delivers professional-grade reliability:

  • 1300W high-efficiency heater – Quickly heats fog juice for bold, thick output
  • Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) – Maintains optimum heating levels for consistent fog flow
  • Wired & wireless remote – Conveniently activate fog from anywhere in the venue
  • Low fluid shut-off – Prevents pump damage when tank is empty
  • Durable housing – Withstands transport and rigorous use

Trust American DJ fog machines to create spectacular atmospheric effects show after show. The bundled 1 liter fog juice keeps you stocked and ready for extended fog sessions.

Take Your Event to the Next Level with Atmospheric Lighting

Transform any venue into a spectacular backdrop with professional-grade lighting effects. The American DJ 1300W fog machine quickly fills stages and rooms with a thick, lingering fog to highlight beams, lasers, moonflowers, and LED lights.

Create an unforgettable atmosphere for weddings, parties, raves, concerts, and events. With the bundled wireless remote and 1 liter water-based fog juice, you have everything needed to immerse venues in seamless, atmospheric LED lighting effects.

Bundle Includes:

  • American DJ 1300W Heavy Duty Fog Machine
  • ADJ Wired Remote Control
  • ADJ Wireless Remote Control
  • 1 Liter Premium Water-Based Fog Juice

Transform your next event with professional atmosphere and lighting effects right out of the box. Order the American DJ 1300W Fog Machine bundle today to create memorable experiences guaranteed to dazzle crowds.


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