Allen & Heath ZED6FX 4-Channel Analog Mixer with Guitar DI and Multi-FX


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The Allen & Heath ZED6FX is a compact yet powerful 4-channel analog mixer loaded with professional features to handle anything from solo performers to full bands. Equipped with studio-grade GS-Pre XLR mic preamps, dual instrument inputs, built-in multi-FX processor, and USB connectivity, the ZED6FX packs a ton of functionality into a portable mixer built for gigging musicians, podcasters, and mobile DJs.

Studio-Quality Mic Preamps Bring Out Your Sound

At the core of the ZED6FX are GS-Pre mic preamps derived from Allen & Heath’s flagship GS-R24 recording console. Delivering exceptionally low noise, massive headroom, and plenty of clean gain, these XLR preamps capture all the subtle nuances of any microphone or vocal performance. The preamps produce a full, warm sound you’d expect from high-end studio gear, not a compact live mixer.

Plug Guitars and More Straight into the Hi-Z Inputs

In addition to the 2 combo XLR mic/line inputs, the ZED6FX provides two 1/4″ high impedance (Hi-Z) inputs designed for directly connecting guitars, basses, and other high-Z instruments without needing a separate DI box. The Hi-Z inputs ensure your guitar tone remains crisp and lively when plugging into the mixer. No more losing tone from passive DI boxes or dealing with ground loop hum.

Shape Your Sound with 3-Band EQ and Filters

Whether you need to warm up vocals, fatten up bass, or dial in just the right guitar tone, the ZED6FX gives you the tools. The 3-band EQ on each mono channel lets you cut or boost lows, mids, and highs so you can sculpt the perfect sound for every input. A 100Hz high pass filter on every channel removes unwanted low-end rumble and stage noise for a tight, focused mix.

Built-In Multi-FX Processor Adds Space and Polish

While its preamps and EQ shape your core sound, the ZED6FX’s built-in multi-effects processor provides the finishing touches that take your mix to the next level. With 61 different FX types ranging from reverbs and delays to modulation and pitch effects, you can dial in just the right ambiance or polish to suit any musical genre. Developed by Allen & Heath’s own DSP experts, these studio-grade algorithms sound smooth and musical, not digital or artificial.

Bundle Cables and Accessories for a Complete Rig

For maximum convenience and portability, consider picking up a mixer bag or case and necessary cables to go with your ZED6FX. With the right cables, you can connect mics, instruments, speakers, headphones, and more. Plus a protective bag or case lets you transport the mixer safely and keep all your cables and accessories organized.

Some great accessories to pair with the ZED6FX are:

  • Heavy-duty gig bag or hardshell case
  • XLR microphone cables
  • 1/4″ instrument cables
  • 1/4″ TRS patch cables for effects sends/returns
  • SpeakOn or 1/4″ speaker cables
  • Headphone extension cable
  • Microphone clip
  • Microphone stand

Choosing options specifically designed for live audio use will ensure cables and connections withstand wear and tear from regular gigging.

Key Features:

  • 4 mono channels (2 XLR mic/line, 2 Hi-Z instrument)
  • GS-Pre mic preamps derived from flagship consoles
  • 2-band EQ plus swept mids on mono channels
  • Built-in 61-effect multi-FX processor
  • External FX send/return for outboard gear
  • 60mm fader for master level control
  • 48V phantom power for condenser mics
  • USB connectivity for computer recording
  • RCA record output to capture mixes
  • Lightweight, rugged construction

From solo performers to full bands, the Allen & Heath ZED6FX packs an immense amount of mixing power into a highly portable tabletop unit. Loaded with studio-grade preamps, EQs, effects, and DI inputs, the ZED6FX delivers professional sound quality with maximum flexibility.


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