Alasum Foot Tambourine Percussion Tambourine Double Row Tambor Band Hand for Kids




Add rhythmic texture and oceanic atmosphere to any musical gathering with the Alasum foot tambourine. Featuring double rows of jingling metal discs, this handheld percussion instrument creates lively sounds for parties, music festivals, jam sessions and more.

Double Row of Jingling Discs for Fuller Sound

Two rows of small cymbal-like discs produce brighter, fuller jingle sounds than single-row tambourines when shaken or struck. The doubled jingles let you create intricate rhythms, accent beats, or layer oceanic atmosphere into folk, rock, pop and other genres.

Durable Metal Construction Built to Last

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, the Alasum tambourine frame and jingles withstand energetic playing session after session. The durable build also produces clear, resonant jingle sounds that project and cut through the mix.

Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Grip

An ergonomically contoured plastic handle lets you shake the tambourine for extended periods without hand strain or fatigue. The grip fits comfortably in your hand, while a hanging loop allows hands-free play when mounted on a mic or drum stand.

Lightweight and Portable for Music on the Go

Weighing just over half a pound, this versatile hand percussion instrument goes anywhere the music takes you. The compact tambourine fits easily into a backpack or gig bag. Take it on stage, around the campfire or to family jam sessions.

With lively sound and durable build, the Alasum foot tambourine is perfect for kids and adults alike. Experience the infectious, oceanic vibe.


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