Alasum Aluminum Guitar Pedal Enclosure – Protect Your Effects with Sleek Style




House your cherished guitar pedals in sleek, road-ready style with this aluminum pedal enclosure from Alasum. Expertly crafted from durable, lightweight aluminum, it keeps your effects safe while adding a professional touch to your pedalboard.

The stylish, anodized housing and compact size provide ideal protection for DIY and branded guitar effects pedals alike. Its sturdy, closed-back design shields critical wiring and components from bumps, debris, and the rigors of transport and stage use.

This pedal case’s sleek exterior also makes an impressive statement on any pedalboard. The raw aluminum look delivers an industrial vibe and pairs perfectly with the neon glow of status LEDs. Available in several stylish color options, it complements pedals of all types, from overdrives to delays and modulations.

Protect your tone-shaping effects and customize your pedalboard style with this rugged aluminum guitar pedal enclosure. Its smart look and resilient construction keep your pedals safe while giving your rig serious road-ready attitude. Order today to add pro-level protection with standout style.


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