Alasum 5 Pairs Kids Drumsticks – Colorful Maple Wood 7A Drumsticks for New Drummers and Music Students




Gift your aspiring young drummer the tools to start their musical journey with this set of Alasum kids’ drumsticks! Perfect for toddlers, children, and students, these high-quality maple wood drumsticks allow kids to explore rhythm and develop drumming skills.

The set includes 5 pairs of colorful 7A drumsticks made of durable maple wood for a balanced, comfortable grip. The small 0.445″ diameter is ideal for a child’s hands. Drummers can choose between 5 fun colors – blue, green, orange, purple, and red – to show off their individual style.

These Alasum drumsticks are constructed from quality maple wood, providing a lightweight and responsive feel. The tip is crafted into a classic teardrop wood tip design to produce bright, articulate sounds on snares, toms, cymbals – any percussion instrument! The smoothly sanded shaft allows for easy motion and playing.

Built to last through countless practices and performances, these kids’ drumsticks encourage proper technique from the start. The 7A size teaches a matched grip and transfers well to larger sticks as drummers grow. With the right drum sticks, kids gain confidence to continue improving their rhythm, dexterity, and love of music.

Take drum practice from the table to the drum kit! The Alasum kids’ drumsticks are compatible with practice pads, electric kits, acoustic kits, band percussion, and more. From the aspiring rock star to band student, these drumsticks make a great gift.

Watch your child light up as they tap out their first beats and break into their first drum solos. With the help of these Alasum drumsticks, young musicians will gain skills to last a lifetime. Order a 5-pair set today and help start the next generation of drum legends!


  • Set of 5 pairs of kids’ drumsticks, 7A size
  • Fun bright colors – blue, green, orange, purple, red
  • High quality maple wood construction
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable
  • Designed for toddlers, children, and students
  • Ideal for acoustic kits, practice pads, and more
  • Helps teach proper technique and dexterity
  • Wood tip provides articulate, bright sound
  • Encourages rhythm skills and musicality
  • Perfect for band, lessons, practice, and live playing


  • Material: Maple Wood
  • Size: 7A – 0.445″ diameter x 15 3/4″ length
  • Tip: Classic teardrop wood tip
  • Quantity: 5 pairs (10 drumsticks total)
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red
  • Age: Designed for kids 3 years and up

The Alasum Kids Drumsticks provide the tools your young musician needs to start their drumming journey. The 7A size teaches proper technique while being comfortable in small hands. Fun colors give them something to be excited about. And the maple wood material brings out bright, lively percussion sounds.

Order your set today and watch your child develop into a skilled drummer and blossom through the power of music! Alasum supports young artists.


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