Adjustable & Versatile ZealSound Microphone Arm Stand – 19″ Gooseneck with Mic Clip for Blue Yeti, Snowball & More


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Upgrade your audio setup with the adjustable and versatile ZealSound Microphone Arm Stand. This premium gooseneck arm securely holds mics up to 1.38″ in diameter and extends up to 19″ to capture crystal clear audio for podcasting, game streaming, vocals, instruments and more.

Flexible Positioning for Optimal Sound Pickup

The flexible dual-section gooseneck design provides adjustable positioning to find the ideal mic angle. Easily adjust the two jointed arms to direct your microphone exactly where you need it. This full range of motion lets you position the mic close to pick up crisp vocals for podcasts and voiceovers. Or extend it further to record acoustic guitar, capture room ambience for ASMR and smoothly integrate a mic into your gaming setup.

Durable & Stable for Reliable Performance

Built from sturdy aluminum alloy with high-quality construction, this microphone arm stand provides reliable performance. The clamp attaches securely to tables and desks up to 2.24” thick to keep your mic stable during use. A soft pad protects your furniture from scratches during installation. Combined with the solid gooseneck and sturdy mic clip, you can trust this arm to hold up your mic steadily in the ideal position.

Universal Mic Compatibility

With the included adapter, this microphone stand accommodates virtually all standard mics with diameters between 3/8” and 5/8”. It’s designed to work perfectly with popular broadcast mics like the Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, Snowball and Snowball Ice. The adjustable mic clip holds mics firmly in place to prevent slips and unwanted vibrations. Suitable for a wide variety of recording applications from podcasts and game streaming to vocals, voiceovers and instruments.

Convenient Features for A Clean Workspace

The integrated headset cradle provides convenient storage for your headphones right within reach. Hang your headphones on the arm stand when not in use to prevent cable clutter. This thoughtful design keeps your workstation tidy for a simpler recording and listening experience. The sleek black finish looks great on any desk or work table.

Premium Flexible Microphone Arm Stand

– Arms extend up to 19 inches for ideal microphone placement
– Adjustable 360° gooseneck positioning
– Holds mics up to 1.38” diameter
– Includes adapter for Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, Snowball mics
– Aluminum alloy construction for durability
– Soft pad protects desktops during installation
– Integrated headset hook keeps workspace organized
– Sleek low-profile black finish

Take your audio recordings to the next level with this flexible and sturdy microphone arm stand from ZealSound. Extend, adjust and tightly position your mic exactly where you want it for professional sound quality.

Designed for Podcasting, Gaming, Voiceovers & More

This adjustable microphone stand is ideal for a wide range of recording applications:

Podcasting: Position the mic close to your mouth to capture clear, authoritative vocals for podcasts and internet radio shows. The flexible gooseneck makes it easy to maintain ideal mic positioning as you naturally move while speaking.

Game Streaming: Integrate a quality microphone into your game streaming setup with adjustable positioning that allows you to direct the mic towards you or away from keyboards and controllers. Keep mic background noise to a minimum.

Voiceovers: Achieve clear and expressive vocal recordings. Position the mic for optimum pop filtration when recording audiobooks, eLearning course dialogue, business presentations, YouTube videos and more.

ASMR: Create an intimate setting by positioning the mic extremely close to capture all the tiny sounds. The stable stand prevents vibrations and handling noise.

Instruments: Capture the true live sound of your guitar, piano, violin, horns, drums and other acoustic instruments. Flexibly position the mic where you want it.

Interviews: Conduct interviews in the field or around a boardroom table. Extend the arm and make precise adjustments so the mic can cleanly pick up multiple speakers.

Premium Design & Build Quality

– Solid all-metal gooseneck covered in professional black finish

– 33″ maximum height reaches across desktops

– Desk mount clamp made from aluminum alloy

– Foam pad protects table surface

– Heavy rounded base provides stability

– Ergonomic design minimizes footprint

– Mic clip crafted from durable zinc alloy

Technical Specifications:

– Height: 19″ flexible gooseneck

– Reach: 33″ max extended length

– Base: 3.9″ x 3.3″ rounded square

– Clamp opening: 2.24” max

– Mic holder: 35mm / 1.38″ max diameter

– Material: Aluminum alloy & zinc alloy

– Screw mount: 5/8″ with 3/8″ adapter

– Load capacity: 2.2 lbs

– Product Weight: 2.65 lbs

Package Includes:

– 1 x Microphone arm stand

– 1 x Mic clip

– 1 x 5/8” to 3/8” adapter

– 1 x Instruction manual

Make podcasting, game streaming, voiceovers and instrumentation easy with the ZealSound Microphone Arm Stand. Upgrade your audio recordings today!


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