ADJ Products Heavy Duty Storage and Transport Bag for Event Façade II Facade System


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This heavy duty transport bag from ADJ Products provides the perfect storage and protection for your Event Façade II facade lighting system. Designed specifically for the Event Façade II, this bag allows you to safely and easily transport up to 4 facade panels along with cables, accessories and more.

Durable Construction for Years of Use

Constructed from thick, reinforced fabric with industrial strength zippers, this transport bag is built to last through gig after gig. The heavy duty materials protect your facade system from damage while providing a sleek, professional look that makes a great impression at events. The high quality zippers ensure the bag stays securely closed during transport and storage.

Spacious Storage for Full Façade System

Measuring a generous 49.75” x 29.5” x 6.25”, this bag provides ample room to fit a complete 4 panel Event Façade II system. Each panel can measure up to 47.25” x 25.4” x 1”, allowing you to safely store your facade lighting folded or unfolded. There’s also space to fit cables, mounting hardware and other accessories.

Easy Access Zipper Opening

Loading and unloading the facade system is quick and easy thanks to the extra wide zippered opening. The zipper unzips across three sides of the bag so you can fully open the top without any obstructing material. Easily slide panels in and out or pack accessories without hassle.

Interior Protection

Inside the bag is lightly padded to prevent your lighting panels and accessories from shifting around during transport. This protects the facade system from scratches, scuffs and dents that can occur while in transit to your next event. Your equipment stays looking new gig after gig.

Reinforced Carry Handles

Built in carry handles on the top and sides allow two people to securely lift and maneuver the loaded bag. Reinforced stitching gives the handles strength to hold up to 36 lbs of equipment. The side handles are especially helpful for loading the bag in and out of vehicles.

organizer pocket

A convenient zippered pocket on the front of the bag lets you stash small items like cables, clamps and remote controls for quick access. Keep everything together in one transport bag.

Model Number & Dimensions

– Model Number: ADJ® WF-EF2FB
– Outside Dimensions: 49.75” x 29.5” x 6.25” (1265 x 750 x 159mm)
– Weight Capacity: Holds up to 36 lbs
– Material: Durable reinforced fabric

Designed for the Event Façade II

Custom made to fit the ADJ Event Façade II 4 panel facade system, this bag lets you transport your lighting neatly and safely. Fits EF2 panels measuring 25.4” x 47.25” x 1” (700mm x 1200mm x 25.4mm). Easily store 4 panels, power cables, clamps and accessories all in one bag.

Protect Your Investment

Your facade system is a significant investment for your business. This heavy duty transport bag protects that investment by preventing damage that can occur while traveling and storing. Safeguard your lighting panels from scuffs, dents and broken parts by using this durable storage bag.

Professional Impression

Arriving to your gig with a clean, orderly transport bag makes a great impression on clients. They can see you take care of your gear and run an organized operation. The sleek black design looks modern and professional for any event.

Lightweight Yet Heavy Duty

Even when fully loaded this bag only weighs 36 lbs, so it’s easy for one or two people to carry. The reinforced handles and fabrics make it feel lightweight yet extremely durable. The bag withstands the rigors of frequent transport and storage.

Additional Storage Benefits

– Protects facade panels from dust and debris when storing
– Prevents cords and cables from tangling
– Provides padding against shocks/impacts
– Keeps all your facade gear in one place
– Great for transport in vehicles, trucks, trailers
– Allows clean organization in your shop

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